Referencing is integral to academic writing. Whatever the assignment type you write, you can’t afford to evade this section. There are several intricacies associated with different referencing styles that most students fail to realize. However, things have become simpler these days with the advent of the Harvard referencing generator, LaTrobe referencing tool, APA citation maker, etc. If you implement these tools, your referencing section will complete within seconds and without giving any efforts.


Purpose of referencing

Understanding the purpose of referencing is easy if you consider the below-mentioned aspects:

  1. It avoids plagiarism by clearly stating which ideas are yours and the ones of someone else’s.
  2. Proper referencing reflects your subject knowledge and understanding of the case lucidly.
  3. It gives strong evidence in support of your arguments, idea, and opinions.
  4. Others can easily identify the source of information.

No matter whether you do Harvard referencing, MLA referencing generator, APA or MLA, the actual purpose of reference remains the same.


When should you reference it?

While essay writing, you need to collect information from different sources. After including the relevant information in the content, it is mandatory to give credits to the actual author. Be it a journal article, website, or textbook, this rule remains the same. Regardless of your actions like summarizing or paraphrasing, citing the original author is crucial or otherwise, your assignment won’t be considered valid. If you go through the Harvard and La Trobe referencing guide, you will gain more insights.


What type of information do you need to reference?

Some students think that only printed books or sources require acknowledgement. However, it’s completely a false notion. According to Latrobe referencing experts, referencing is needed when you include ideas from books/journal articles, magazines, brochures, films, documentaries, websites, letters, personal interviews, or sayings of your lecturer/tutor. The referencing style remains the same in all instances. For your convenience, you can use oxford referencing generator, Harvard citation generator, APA referencing generator, etc. However, when you are jotting down your observations and experiment results or writing your thoughts/experiences, you can choose to bypass this phase.


Academic referencing isn’t tough if you are aware of the dos and don’ts. Yes, there are complexities involved, but having a sigh of relief is possible with the referencing generators in hand. After going through essay writer the above blog, you must have understood the nitty-gritties of referencing lucidly.