Bringing players of the Renaissance period to Aeternum is the core idea of ​​New World. Magic is a force that the player can control, and factions are the key gift for the player to control the island. There are countless cycles of death and rebirth on Aeternum. So what else is different in New World?

In addition to the core experience in New World, players can also enjoy many other game modes. Due to the reliance Cheap New World Coins on the core mechanics of the game, the PvP and PvE formations of MMOs are constantly being motivated:

Expeditions: Equivalent to a dungeon in MMO, in this mode, a team of four will travel through the dungeon to defeat the boss together.

Invasion: This is another PvE mode of Expeditions where players need to defend their fort. Up to 50 people will New World Coins fight together in this mode to defend their base from various enemies. Once they survive for half an hour they can earn rewards, and failures will lower their territory.

Outpost Rush: This is a very confusing PVPVE mode, but it's very fun to play. In this 20v20 mode, players need to capture outposts to collect resources and use these resources to upgrade their base and strengthen its defenses. In the process, the team will encounter other players and various monsters infestation.

War Mode: This is the core PvP component in the game, it can be used as an alternative to Invasion. This is a 50v50 mode, in which players constantly strengthen their bases to resist attacks from opposing players. And both teams will have a range of siege weapons, so the entire territory is at risk.

The game modes of New World are very diverse, and players need to constantly use New World Coins to buy suitable equipment and items for their characters in order to win in each mode. And NewWorldCoins is a professional seller of New World Coins, which can continuously provide a large amount of New World Coins for each player. Their prices are very cost-effective, and they are very worthwhile for you to try.