Tennis is a highly competitive sport that tests your strategic skills and physical strength. Playing it offers several health advantages, ranging from improved muscular tone to a reduced resting heart rate. However, like with most activities, there is a chance of injury. Here are some simple preventive measures suggested by Orthopedic surgeons to prevent tennis injuries:


1] Injury to the Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff has four muscles and tendons. They give stability and rotation to the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can occur gradually or abruptly. For example, a rotator cuff tear can result from overuse, such as repeatedly swinging a tennis racket.


Orthopedic surgeons prescribe stretches and strengthening exercises to avoid rotator cuff injuries. The activities can be done at home to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.


2] Tendonitis of the Wrist

Tendonitis of the wrist is typically inflammation of the wrist tendons. It develops over time due to swinging the tennis racket, especially with an excessive wrist motion with each stroke. As a result, you may have discomfort on either side of your wrist or in your palm.


Ask a tennis expert at your local tennis facility to assist you in selecting the best racket for you. Correct string tension, grip size, racket size, and weight will help prevent tendons in your wrist from straining when you sway your racket.


3] Sprains of the Ankle

Tennis players like the fast-paced excitement of the game. But, according to orthopedic surgeons, such quick movements can cause an ankle injury.


Wear cushioned tennis socks or two pairs of ordinary socks to prevent blisters, and make sure your athletic shoes give adequate support. Replace your shoes when they begin to wear out.

You can consult the following orthopedic surgeons in case of tennis injuries:

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Dr. SKS Marya

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Dr. HN Bajaj

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Dr. Puneet Girdhar

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Dr. Rakesh Mahajan

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