Fishing for them can be enjoyable in terms of OSRS Gold money-making and increasing your level. If you're looking for a consistent method that will provide you with two Minnows, you're in luck. You can fish them from the 82-level of fishing with smaller fishing net. The only disadvantage is that you are required to wear the full Angler Outfit to catch those.

Similar similar to Minnows - Dark Crabs are a decent source of income and an acceptable profit over the course of experience. There's also a downside that they are restricted to fishing in the Wilderness which is a risk. If you are looking for a method like Minnows but without the Angler outfit, this technique could be for you.

When they reach level 65, after having completed the one and only Tai Bwo Wannai's quest, players will be able to catch Karambwan. If you are looking for the your most profitable method of earning money, without not sacrificing your experience, this is perfect for you.

You could earn more money than on Monkfish as this one has more potential for that. Karambwan has a remarkable gold ratio in the course of training however they can be quite poor at leveling. To catch them you need Karambwan vessel as well as raw Karambwanji bait. The most efficient method of getting to their location is with Fairy Ring teleportation code (CKR). Once there, you can run North-East until you arrive at the area.

It is worth noting that all quests provide the same results in Fishing it's recommended to complete them as early as possible so that Buy RS3 Gold you can see the differences. In lower levels, one quest can get us through multiple levels, whereas on higher levels it won't provide one.