Genting Casino Online Malaysia: people have been long waiting for. But unfortunately, Genting still haven’t unleashed their public online casino platform, due to certain circumstances. However, the world still running without Genting Casino. We still have many alternative to choose in the online casino market. In Malaysia, we have a very good alternative to Genting casino which is Maxbook55.

What is Genting Casino Online Malaysia?

Genting Casino is the only one legal casino that operates in Malaysia. It is located on the tip of mountain in the Pahang state, therefore, it has a name of Genting Highland as well. This is the first Casino City ever build in South East Asia. Genting Casino was not just a Casino. In fact, it is called an entertainment city where it include all the entertainment facility including Hotels, Theme Park, Restaurant, Shopping, Cinema and of course Casino. Genting Casino now not just limited to Malaysia only, and has expand globally to Malaysia, United States, Japan, Philipines and many more.

Maxbook55: The Best Genting Casino Online Malaysia Alternative

Lets introduce our company: Maxbook55. You must be asking who is Maxbook55? Why is it better than Genting Casino Online Malaysia? We are one of the best Malaysia online casino , where we offer wide variety of games and services to the public. Below are our core company values:

Safe and Secure

Your identity, your money, your investment are one of the most important privacy information when you playing casino games. You must choose a good and trustworthy casino provider so that your money and private information are kept safe. Your privacy and money are at risk if the chosen Online Casino Providers didn’t practice safety measures correctly and didn’t take security seriously.

Higher Win Rate / High Odds

Higher Win Rate is an important factor when we decide which online casino to play with. Some casino providers provide higher odds that may help you increase your win rate. The higher the winning odds, the more chance you can win agains the banker.

Reduced Payment Problem

Payment problem can be reduced if the casino providers is a trustworthy one. Due to the professional services, a trusted Live casino Malaysia can help to reduce alot of payment transaction problems, including both deposit and withdrawal. Everything related to money is important and a casino that provide a professional service will take these transactions seriously.

Maxbook55 Genting Casino Online Malaysia Promo

Most of gamblers in Malaysia is Genting customers as well. Hence, if you convert from Genting to Maxbook55, we will give you a special offer which is Free RM166 Casino credits from us!

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