Even though, even though the Curry Slide technically shouldn't be accessible to be earned or available within 2K22 MT MyCareer currently however, players have discovered an approach that allows them to express their inner chef. Here's how to acquire, and do, how to do the Curry Slide dribble animation in NBA 2K22 MyCareer on Current Gen and Next Gen.

There's been rumors it's possible that Curry Slide will be coming in a future MyCareer season however for those who are wondering how to unlock the move immediately, here's what you can do. One thing to keep in mind is that because this is an exploit or workaround, the technique is only accessible to players who have just started an updated version of the game.

The reason for this is that, in order to create to use the Curry Slide animation, players must create their preferred design and then upload it to the build tester feature. Though players are able to select their overall Badges as well as jump Shot from a small selection of pre-programmed animations, the game randomly gives players dribbling animations to use.

This is why players have found that if you enter the tester, it allows you to perform the Curry Slide. To know if you have this Curry Slide in the build tester, or if you can perform the move generally you need to hold your RT or R2 button on your controller , and then move left stick in a diagonal direction away from the ball hand.

If you've got this Curry Slide Animation from the first test, simply exit of the tester , and begin your MyCareer. The animation will be available to can you buy MT in NBA 2K22 the player as long as you don't alter any of the "Normal" size-up Escape Package which is set in your MyPlayer's Playmaking Moves Animations slot. If you don't have the Curry Slide Animation available in Build Tester, just quit and go back and attempt again.