Yeah I'm a player on netherwind, among the smaller servers that was affected by the server transfers that are crazy. Incendius flooded a huge amount of classic gold wow into the host and it is a bit of a mess. We've experienced a huge influx of horde with very little alliance so the dynamic has changed and the marketplace is crazy up or down depending on the item. I think blizzard made a massive mistake with paid transfers, yes this is a massive cash cow for these but allows the abuse of the system. Whether that is transferring things, gold, or taking more servers for less rivalry in world. The only transfers which should happen are for servers that are overflowing to additional servers which are in need of more WOW players and this needs to be carried out differently then it is now.

At this time it is a mad dash until blizzard comprehends they let a lot of leave/join a waiter and cut off it. They should examine the servers to find out how many they should allow to leave a server and how many that they need to allow to join a server and start it that way until it hits those marks or beneath. This would protect against mass exoduses or influxes of WOW players and could generally be smaller guilds or even WOW players searching for a fresh beginning, a better fit for this type of move. The current situation is just move the problem for server to host, incendius was nice for quite a very long time until servers like skeram and stalagg transferred. Today netherwind has a huge horde imbalance the alliance currently must cope with and the marginally stable market is now in a disarray with individuals transferring whole banks of items.

I was in one of the top 15 guilds which moved incendius off. Here's the real story. Horde have no choice the of WOW Classic since our av queues are. So as to compete As other people on your server world pvp between queues, you are forced to. Alliance don't understand this concept and only assume we are griefing 24/7 (although some do, like the morons in who). So alliance start showing up in BRM more and world pvp occurs. You began to find a good deal of messages such as"do alliance not recognize they've instant battleground queues?" And so horde didn't understand how to properly rank and truly thought those alliance were just dumb.

1 week on Wednesday at 8 server, we begin discovering that alliance are always congregated near the portal.,"are you currently searching for jed?","are they just waiting to rally before going into bwl? They are wasting so much time in their buffs lol" are things you'd hear in world chat or guild voice chat. Nobody really understood what they were doing. Alliance love to just sit and wait for HOURS. They probably pay for one Hunter transparent and then connect three raid groups. My guild has waited for hours waiting for them to leave the entrance and they simply sit there doing nothing except novaing horde who get too near. So we assumed"that they must be doing what they do there, just being slow to Begin their raid"

My guild was blessed because we could observe via spyglass while and had the very best summoning spot on the server. We started noticing a raid stay for HOURS and from dz and combination would appear at 8pm. Then we thought,"is this some new honor farming meta?" So a few horde guilds contacted them and asked them wtf they were doing. Many replies were troll-y however, the one that did speak to us said they're doing this as payback against yang gang members and who and what not. We needed to buy wow gold classic for us or would get baited and out of position to move out. We were able to get to the orb with buffs with just a small number of stragglers lost. We would need to wait for 30 minutes though for you men to move in the balcony.