Your smile can convey a lot about you. And if you’re not happy with your smile, it probably shows. There are a lot of things that can take away from a perfect smile and leave a less than flattering first impression of you including teeth that are discolored, unevenly spaced, cracked, or broken. Veneers teeth can help to provide a flawless smile.


What are veneers?


Veneers are a permanent way to correct your teeth and improve your smile. A dental veneer is a thin transparent layer of material placed over the tooth surface to enhance the aesthetic of a smile. Moreover, it helps protect the tooth surface from any damage. Mainly, two materials are used to fabricate a veneer i.e composite and dental porcelain. You can consult an orthodontist near me to know the suitability of the material for you.


Veneers have become a great 'go-to dental item' to conceal problem teeth that don’t respond to bleaching or need to be covered up for cosmetic reasons but are still structurally strong and can be saved. If you have any doubts regarding the procedure, can consult a dentist open near me.


Are veneers permanent?


Bear in mind however that this option is considered a permanent process because the dentist actually shaves about half of a millimeter of enamel off your natural tooth in a process referred to as 'roughing up' your tooth in order for theveneers near me to adhere correctly. This process will permanently and visibly damage your natural tooth and require some sort of permanent coverage afterward to conceal it. So if you are not committed to keeping caps in place for your lifetime, you should definitely consult with your dentist about other viable options open to you instead. You can get veneer teeth from a cosmetic dentist near me.


One option would be Lumineers. These are not considered permanent because they do not require shaving the enamel in order for them to adhere properly as composite or porcelain veneers require. Eliminating the roughing up process can eliminate some of the expense and the time you spend in the dental chair as well, making it an attractive option.


Since most dental insurance won’t pay for cosmetic work such as this procedure, it may be well worthwhile to investigate the cost for Lumineers if cost is a consideration.




If you think you’re a good candidate the first step is to consult with your cosmetic dentist who will do x-rays on your mouth and give you a full dental exam. Any tooth decay or root canals will need to be corrected before you proceed any further so your capped teeth will be as strong and healthy as possible before you permanently seal them.


The veneer itself is custom-made in the dental lab from a dental impression of your teeth that your dentist made. Once it is made it adheres in place with resin cement, polished and cleaned up it cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth.


Veneers cost:


The final cost for this procedure varies based on the type of material used, the dentist’s fees, and your geographic location but a wide price range guide suggests that the cost varies from $500 to $1,300 per tooth.


Despite the high initial cost, however, the expense can be well worth it since your veneers can last anywhere from ten to as much as thirty years depending on the type of material used and the way well you're taking care of your teeth. Finally bear in mind that the higher initial cost may pay for itself over time considering the life span for this cosmetic procedure.


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