Jordan 4 has some shadows of Jordan 3 in its design. New Jordans Release 2021 The difference is that two new attempts have been added. For the first time, a combination of leather and nylon mesh was used on the upper. This design was very popular at the time. The main purpose was to reduce the weight of the shoe and improve the comfort of wearing. Of course, the following is a poor net support effect. In order to make up for this, this shoe adds a fixing device extending from the upper to the upper, which is connected to the shoelace. The 4th generation still uses an air cushion with an exposed back palm, with a medium capacity, which was already the best shockproof air cushion at the time. (The midsole configuration of AJ4 has not changed much, and the configuration of separating the front and rear soles is still maintained)
New Jordan 4 UK The fourth generation of Jordan uses urabuck, a high-durability material inside the shoe. In order to improve its breathability, the designer used a mesh material on the upper, coupled with the obvious NIKE-AIR patented air cushion, making the three-quarters style more evolved. The most worth mentioning is that using all black as the main design of sports shoes has changed the design concept of basketball shoes. At the same time, Jordan has won the title of scoring champion for three consecutive years and won the IBMAward for the most contribution to the team.
In addition to its milestone revolutionary significance and outstanding performance, Air Jordan 4 is also unique in appearance. The huge shoe handle is the logo of Air Jordan 4, and the reverse Air Jordan label on the shoe is even more of the entire Air Jordan 4. The finishing touch, whether from Zoom LeBron 2, AirJordan 00 or Jumpman BigFund, we can find the classic outsole flip-up design. This design has become a logo and is used on the most gorgeous basketball shoes.