I've come to you, Sal's, for advice OSRS GP regarding Dungeoneering. Yes, it is me who needs the assistance this time. I've always wondered what is the threshold to pray over monsters. So, what is the appropriate level for each type of monster can I apply an offensive and protection prayer? By type, I refer to shades, warriors, rangers, magers, zombies, skeletons, bats as well as demons, rats, brutes, pickaxes etc.

I mean if any monster is like level 2 then you shouldn't pray for it. For most rangers wearing above tier 7 you should pray, Mages, probably, melee warriors are incredibly hit after they've gotten katagon, so yes, pickaxes strike like hell , so yeah, brutes... meh.

It's not directly connected to Dungeoneering However, it does relate to it in a way. Are 1.2M enough money to move from the 52 RC level to the 70 RC or do I require more? Making nature runes can be the best way to make profit(iirc) and, therefore, it's sufficient. If I use an SSH, do I take off the hood every time that I go into a room with a hood that is dangerous? It's not necessary to remove it because it still protects you from the safe monsters in the hood Be sure to stack the mage.

What are the weaknesses of monsters when it comes to dungeoneering? Please be as detailed as possible. Deadly zombies - crush, skeletons Slash, melee fighters wearing plates crushing, melee warriors wearing chains - stab rangers/magers attack.

I don't know what armour could buy old school runescape gold be appropriate for my particular level. Any suggestions are welcome. We appreciate your suggestions. Since you've summoned I'll assume you're a part of the group. What you're doing and how you preparing your strength? I'll bet you're using Slayer because it provides amazing training results, if that's the case , purchase a Black Mask/Slayer Helmet as well as a Bandos chestplate/fighter Torso as well as Bandos Tassets. If you're not able afford the tassets, then just purchase normal platelegs.