Safety Face Shields can cover the entire face which is helpful in preserving your eyes, mouth, and nose simultaneously. It can actually be a good way to protect you from dust and pollution. These face shields are extremely lightweight, fully transparent (indoors or outdoors), waterproof (PET), and protect the whole face from spray, splatter, droplet, dust, oil etc. It is attached with an elastic and a foam headband or you can call it a Face Shield with Elastic Band which is washable and reusable especially for the doctors who work overtime and also for the defense and sanitation workers, police, street vendors, shopkeepers, and everyone who needs to step out of the house for unavoidable reasons.

Disposable face shields with elastic straps are comfortable to wear and give a complete protection to your face. You can wear these face shields comfortably even when you have worn your eyeglasses. Made up of high quality materials, these shields can defend from numerous germs, bacteria, and viruses. They can also effectively protect your face from all kinds of chemical spills, dust, and pollution. By choosing the right kind of face shield mask, you will benefit from greater protection and complete peace of mind.

Along with these Face Shields you can also make use of the Alcohol Wipes Online available at Fandes. These wipes are 75% scholar based and are great for those stepping out frequently. It is quite more effective than the Non-alcohol based and is preferable for most. For kids, it would be a good option to go with and protect them from germs and bacteria. These are high on use and highly recommended to ensure your safety and for your loved ones.  It is available at the Fandes online Store: Alcohol Wipes – 12 Canisters with 100 Count Canisters available at $93.25.