WebDriver is utilized for the robotization of web application testing with the goal that it fills in according to the end client's point of view. It is stage free as a similar code deals with all the significant OS like Windows, macOS, and UNIX.

WebDriver is one of the huge parts of the Selenium, which additionally incorporates the Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, SIDE, and Selenium Json Client API. Thus, we should examine a portion of the highlights of Selenium WebDriver.

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Highlights of Selenium WebDriver
The following are different advantages of selenium webdriver:

1. Multi-Browser Compatibility
WebDriver interfaces with the web applications and its web components in a program, very much like a genuine client with the utilization of a program local help to hit direct calls without utilizing some other discontinuous gadget or programming.
It upholds for the most part all the internet browsers, which incorporates IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. You can send off any program with the assistance of simple orders. Selenium WebDriver additionally upholds the iPhoneDriver, HTMLUnitDriver, and AndroidDriver.

2. Different Language Support
WebDriver upholds the vast majority of the programming dialects like JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby, and so forth It additionally gives us the opportunity to pick any of the programming dialects to compose our own arrangement of mechanization test scripts.

It additionally permits utilizing a more effective method of composing robotization scripts like utilizing contingent explanations, switch proclamations, dynamic articulations to reinforce the computerization content and make it equipped for taking care of the relative multitude of circumstances.

3. Speed and Performance
WebDriver experiments execute quicker when contrasted with different apparatuses of the Selenium suite. Dissimilar to the Selenium Remote Control, it straightforwardly speaks with the program without the requirement for some other middle server.

4. Treatment of Dynamic Web Elements
Dynamic treatment of web components is one of the most widely recognized issues at the hour of performing robotization testing. WebDriver knows how to deal with the unique web component better like cautions, dropdowns, checkboxes, transferring documents, and so forth

It is extremely simple to find web components with the assistance of an ID, class, name, XPath, and so forth

WebDriver utilizes a portion of the underneath techniques to deal with the powerful components:

Contains(): This capacity of WebDriver can track down a component with the assistance of a halfway text and can likewise be utilized to deal with the powerful components.
Outright XPath(): This is the most regularly utilized Xpath to deal with any of the powerful web components, and it contains the total arrangement of ways of the web UI mechanization beginning from the root hub.
StartsWith(): This capacity depends on coordinating and tracking down the beginning text of the provided property of dynamic components.
5. Simple to Identify and utilize web components
WebDriver has different finders that can be exceptionally useful in tracking down the web components on the web application. With this, it turns out to be profoundly more straightforward for the analyzers to execute those components in the test computerization suite.

The absolute most utilized finders are:

CSS Selector

6. Mouse Cursor and Keyboard Simulation
A significant component of the WebDriver is that it can mirror a genuine client situation by dealing with the console and mouse occasions. The Application Program Interface comprises of the activity classes, which are required when those occasions are should have been executed.

You can robotize straightforward situations like the keypress occasion, mouse click just as intricate occasions like different thing determination, simplified, snap and hold, and so on

7. Local area Support
The help for the Selenium WebDriver is a local area gathering based, consequently empowering normal redesigns and updates as well. Every one of the updates are effectively accessible and don't need any of the particular preparing. Consequently, this makes WebDriver, a financial plan agreeable device.

8. Open Source and Portable
The significant advantage of the Selenium WebDriver is that it is convenient and open source. It very well may be downloaded straightforwardly from the Selenium official site without any problem.

9. Deals with various OS
WebDriver upholds diverse Operating Systems like Mac, Linux, UNIX, just as for Windows. Selenium WebDriver scripts made can chip away at various stages and OS.

10. Additional items and Reusability
The contents composed with the assistance of a Selenium WebDriver upholds the program similarity testing. The additional items modules can be tweaked which augments the extent of testing an application.

11. Straightforward Commands
There are different orders utilized in the WebDriver, which are exceptionally simple to execute. For instance, to send off a program in the WebDriver you can utilize the underneath order:

WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); (Chrome program)

12. Lessen test execution time
WebDriver assists with lessening the test execution time, which makes the execution quicker and more dependable.

13. No server establishment required
Selenium WebDriver doesn't need the establishment of the server, as test scripts connect straightforwardly with the program.

14. WebDriver-Methods and Classes
Selenium WebDriver offers a few answers for adapt to a portion of the expected difficulties in mechanization testing. It permits the analyzers to manage a portion of the mind boggling web components like cautions, radio buttons, dropdown, and checkboxes through unique finders.

15. Upholds Multiple Frameworks
Selenium WebDriver can be effectively coordinated with the few structures like the ANT or Maven for arranging the source code.

16. Cross-Device Testing
Selenium WebDriver upholds robotization of test scripts across the different gadgets, which can be BlackBerry, Android, and iPhones.

So at last we have seen highlights of selenium webdriver. Selenium WebDriver is one of the useful assets in the tool compartment of Selenium. It is a lengthy adaptation of Selenium Remote Control with different advantages.

WebDriver additionally thinks of help for some stages and programs, in contrast to the IDE. WebDriver additionally doesn't need that the Server can be begun prior to running the test scripts, very much like the RC.