Sometimes, the best way to bond is on the road – before the privacy of the hotel rooms and the bustle of the daily tour takes over. Friends and families swear by the road trip method – think about it, enclosed space, different vistas passing by, and just the core group enjoying each other’s company.

We have some excellent ideas for a road trip from Hyderabad for you. Some of them may be longer distances than others (so be prepared to give a great excuse at work come Monday morning) but all promise a destination that meets up to your expectations. So, without further ado, let’s delve into road trip weekend getaways from Hyderabad.

Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram

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This is a season-explicit occasion spot. Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram are both cascade outing objections which come into full sprout just after the storm season, so ensure you book your long end of the week stay not long after August. The cascade falls and the lengthy drive through the cool climes of the wildernesses that pass you by makes these two commendable objections to hit on an excursion from Hyderabad.

The most effective method to Get There: Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram are situated towards the east of Hyderabad, close to the coast – around 450 kms from the city.

Where to Stay: Accommodations can be sorted out inside the value scope of INR 1,450 every evening.


Settled along the banks of the Tungabhadra River, Kurnool encounters heat and humidity and has a wide cluster of attractions for its supporters – from untamed life asylums and antiquated limestone caverns to fortifications, for example, Konda Reddy which make certain to draw in the set of experiences buffs in you. Make it a highlight visit the Oravakallu rock nursery to see some dazzling stone cut arrangements and spend an outing day excursion there. The 213-km drive to Kurnool makes for a charming one, neither too burdening nor excessively short.

Instructions to Get There: Take the NH 44 to get to Kurnool, in an excursion that should take you around three hours from Hyderabad.

Where to Stay: iRoomz Sasya Pride (INR 2250 every evening), Triguna Clarks Inn Kurnool (INR 6000 every evening), DVR Mansion (INR 2100 for each night)​


When the entrepot of Vedic learning, Karimnagar is currently renowned for its numerous old sanctuaries - making it an amazing excursion objective to visit with family. A few unearthings have demonstrated that pieces of this city were possessed since pre-memorable occasions. Around 16 kms from the downtown area stands the monumental Elgandal Fort, which is an unquestionable requirement visit for every one of the individuals who travel here. Additionally ensure you bring home a few silver filigree handiworks and adornments from Karimnagar – known to be the origin of the specialty very nearly 400 years prior.

Step by step instructions to Get There: Take the Karimnagar-Hyderabad Highway to arrive at your objective inside three hours. Karimanagar is situated a ways off of 164 kms from Hyderabad.

Where to Stay: Maitri Residency (INR 2300 every evening), Hotel Shubhamangala (INR 1680 every evening), Hotel Lotus Grand (INR 1995 every evening)



Otherwise called Vatapi, this objective is fixed with wonderful stone cut developments and sanctuaries encompassing the Agastya Lake – which makes for some a pleasant second. Badami holds four sandstone sanctuaries, each varying from the other in compositional styles. The doors, fortifications, cave sanctuaries, figures and engravings here guarantee to make your experience however enlightening as it could be agreeable. A portion of the attractions to visit here incorporate the Bhutanatha Temple, the Mallikarjuna Temple, and the Dattatreya Temple.

The most effective method to Get There: Take the public parkway SH 4 to get to Badami from Hyderabad. The excursion should take you roughly eight hours.

Where to Stay: KSTDC Hotel Maurya Chalukya Badami (INR 1199 every evening), Clarks Inn (INR 6000 every evening), Hotel Badami Court (INR 4000 every evening)


Otherwise called Kalburgi, Gulbarga has Nizami impacts in its vaults and notable structures on account of the spread of the administration here. The old stronghold ruins are a significant fascination, similar to a few excellent burial chambers and sanctuaries worked as respect to the Bahmani rulers who were covered here. A fascination not to miss would be the fourteenth century Jama Masjid which has 80 vaults beating it. Close by is a little island where you can appreciate setting up camp and traveling exercises.

Step by step instructions to Get There: Gulbarga lies east of Hyderabad in the territory of Karnataka, a ways off of 231 kilometers.

Where to Stay: Heritage Inn (INR 1400 every evening), Sangam Residency (INR 1399 every evening), Hotel Central Park (INR 1281 every evening), Pariwar Hotel (INR 1800 every evening).



Remaining upon the banks of the Malaprabha River, Pattadakal is a pined for objective that additionally turns out to be an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is popular for its Chalukya-time landmarks and sanctuaries which were developed with astounding craftsmanship, and remain brilliantly safeguarded for travelers to see. Ten sanctuaries remain here, including a Jain safe-haven – albeit the biggest of them, Virupaksha Temple is really a spectacular sight.

The most effective method to Get There: Pattadakal is situated in Karnataka's Bagalkot area – 398 kilometers from Hyderabad and 22 kilometers from Badami.

Where to Stay: Accommodations can be set up inside the value scope of INR 1300 every night here.

Thus, on the off chance that seriously love travels, where the excursion is as – if not more significant as the objective, these are most certainly a few choices worth considering assuming you're wandering from the city of Hyderabad. Cheerful voyaging!

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