When one considers taking a dosage of Fildena 50 without food, it is advised that they first talk to their medical practitioner. They would then have to take into consideration the above-mentioned side effects as well as other things. If they feel that they could consume this without food and still experience the desired results, then they would have to follow through with this without difficulty. The effects mentioned above are only the mild side effects of Fildena 50mg. There are other less dangerous but still uncomfortable side effects that people may experience.

In looking at the mechanism behind the working of Fildena 50mg, there is yet another effect that is important to take note of. When one takes this type of drug, it affects the blood vessels, and this results in increased blood flow. However, there is a negative side to this effect. As a result, some of the more vital functions of the body such as those of the heart and the brain get affected as well. In addition to this, the nervous system and the circulatory system will be negatively affected and there could be an increased risk of developing heart problems or even strokes.

These are basically the two main mechanisms behind the working of Fildena, both relating to erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. This drug can be used to treat these conditions as well but the other effects should always be kept in mind as well. It has been proven that men taking this type of drug tend to experience a slight improvement in the performance of their sexual organs. However, this is purely subjective. No concrete scientific proof has been provided in this regard.

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