This is a great method because the trips between receiving bones and RuneScape gold taking them away are very quick and don't need much. Additionally, you get three and a half times regular experience, which result from burying your bones. If you want to start using Gilded Altars just follow these steps :

Bring all the bones you'd like sacrificed as a noted items. Purchase some gold, and you will have free slot in the inventory (leave only bones and gold). Take a trip to Rimmington (easy method to get there is to use the Amulet of Glory to tp to Draynor Village). Change the World to 330. This is the official server location for Player Housing.

Find NPC Phials at the general shop - He'll unnote bones for you at 5 dollars per bone. Visit the House portal, people will be there to announce different houses owned by the players. Select one of the names announced by others and then go to the portal. Use go to friends house option and type the selected name. Find a Gilded Altar and burn your bones to it. Make sure both burners are burning lit.

After that, head return to your portal, remove the things and repeat the process. If you ever run out of power, you can search for most of the time replenishment pools within POH where you can replenish your points.

This method will give you the most chance of experience per bone when building your prayer skills. It's necessary to complete Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, and Ghost Ahoy quests to start using the method. Ectofuntus Temple is located located in north Port Phasmatys that can be dedicated to by rs2007 gold offering sacrifices of bones. When you sacrifice your bones, you will experience four times the normal experience which would be the reward for burying your bones.