Children are the primary focus of practically every state's child custody legislation. The emphasis is not on what the parents desire but on what arrangement is best for the child in the issue. While each state or jurisdiction has its own set of regulations regarding child custody, the welfare of the kid remains the most important factor in court decisions.

Typically, all child custody rules would require the courts to assess a parent's competence to care for the kid physically, psychologically, and emotionally beyond a reasonable doubt. The focus is generally placed on a parent's financial situation as well as the capacity to create a caring environment for the kid or children.

Courts can also take into account which parent is most likely to enable the kid to keep healthy contact with the other parent. In most circumstances, the parent's criminal past, as well as the parent's history of drug or alcohol addiction, will be a topic of discussion during custody hearings.

Any history of child abuse or neglect will almost always disqualify a parent as a viable custody contender in court. When a judge is unable to establish whether one parent is better or worse for the kid, joint custody is occasionally granted. This will provide both parents with equal custody and decision-making powers over their kids, as well as equal parenting time.

Apart from two-parent homes, this appears to be the most common way of parenting. There are several standards and legislation on child custody that have been created for shared custody. To find out what your state's child custody rules are a simple web search will usually yield a lot of information.

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