Although four consecutive sectional titles would break the school's record in the process, they Vikings still have many steps to take towards being a definitive postseason contender Madden 22 coins. "I am not sure because we still have to grow. I'm hoping we'll become an effective team accomplishing that.

We're not at that point yet," Bales said of the team's chances at winning the sectional championship. "We've been learning how be better at defending ... be careful not to commit the mistakes that aren't forced. There's a lot of growing to do. And certainly (a divisional name) is where we'd like to end up."

While winning four consecutive sectional championships would be a record-breaking streak for the school but the Vikings still have an extended way to go toward being a definite postseason contender. "I don't know since there is still room for growth. I would like to see us become a team capable of doing this.

I don't believe we're there yet," Bales said of the team's chances at having a sectional title. "We've to figure out how protect better ... Try not to get into the trap of making mistakes that aren't forced. So we've got some growing to do, and certainly (a sectional title) is where we hope to get."

The Vikings will ultimately take them whatever direction Madden allows them to go. She was scoring 1,000 points and averaging roughly a 16-point double double-double during the past two years cheap madden coins, and is likely to soon exceed 1,000 career rebounds.