Why Choose Online IB Schools for your Children in 2021

The days of one-teacher interaction, dusty classroom desks, and cramped four-walls are long gone; it is now the era of virtual classrooms. E-learning platforms are being adopted by an increasing number of IB schools in Dubai, which is helping to improve the quality of student education.

Students today will need to be uniquely equipped for a future that no one could ever predict. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant shift, not only in everyday life but also in the types of talents and attitudes required for the future business environment of not only Dubai but the entire world.

Key skills imparted to students in Online IB Schools in Dubai 

1. Problem-solving, creativity, and cognitive thinking

During the pandemic, many businesses suffered severely. Those who were left behind thrived because they devised creative ways to stay afloat, whether it was by developing new and innovative ways to maintain operations or quickly establishing efficient rules for remote work.

Solving these problems creatively necessitates the development of a creative mind, one that is oriented toward problem solving and thinking outside the box. The IB schools in Dubai clearly and explicitly seek such a mindset, which calls for students who are thinkers, inquirers, and open-minded.

2. Futures literacy

Futures literacy, according to UNESCO, is "the ability to comprehend the role of the future in what people see and do. Being futures literate enhances our ability to prepare, recover, and invent as changes occur."

Future literacy is critical at the moment and a successful hypothetical framework will require understanding one's place in society, how people interact, and how to project into the future. In all IB schools in Dubai, this type of literacy is well-established. Students are instructed not only in textbook learning and memorizing facts, but also in the interaction of systems and their function in society.

3. Resilience and adaptability

During the pandemic, many changes occurred in the workplace, and it is critical that workers should be able to adjust to these changes and preserve resilience in the face of an uncertain future.

According to research, IB students have increased mental health and resilience, which could be a key component in their ability to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

4. Interpersonal Skills

The pandemic has put a lot of strain on businesses, particularly those dealing with people. As a result, 57 % of recruiters believe that interpersonal skills such as active listening, emotional intelligence, empathy, negotiation, and personnel management will become more important in the next five years.

IB schools in Dubai  intentionally cultivate these interpersonal skills. Indeed, IB students are expected to be communicators who use active listening and collaboration to get things done.

  1. Digital skills

Online school in 2021 had a crucial role in remote work and digital transformation.

Prospering in a post-Covid world means thriving in a world that is more tech-driven than ever before, which demands a unique combination of adaptability of technology. IB has long been ahead of the curve in introducing and nurturing a technical mindset in its students.

We are excited to see IB students take the lead in future professions and occupations.


With the current pandemic situation, educational institutions such as schools have had to learn to cope with new challenges and constraints but seeing how IB Schools and their systems operate, and the skill set these students to receive, one can anticipate a brighter future in a post-Covid world.

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