Typography videos have become the talk of the town for worldwide marketers. However, 78% of marketers are unaware of the technical aspects and creativity that the typography video requires. As a result, they land up developing low-quality videos, which leads to only one thing! DISENGAGEMENT!
Being a marketer, if your company is also facing such technical hurdles while developing videos, we have something for you!  Keep reading this post to know a few clever ideas that help companies to develop typographic videos. Below, we have shared a few of them! Read on.

Clever Typographic Videos idea that companies should know

1.     Animation

Companies try 2D and 3D animation on whiteboard videos and explainer videos. Even a few brands use motion graphics too. So, use the same animation type while designing typographic videos. However, your brand is not getting the content to animate; blogs are a good option to start with. Use its information like bullet points, statistics and key data. Later, animate them and share them on social media channels.