Once you've worked with a bookseller, chain store, or independent, to schedule an author's personal appearance and book signing, the next question is how to get people there. As a publicist or literary agent will tell you, a larger crowd reflects better on you as the author and pleases the hosting store. While booksellers customarily have some promotional capabilities and a budget, they rely on authors and the publicists to help draw a crowd. You can do your part by promoting to your email list, making mentions on your social media, and even mailing postcards if you have a list – or several of these.

Today, many local news websites feature calendar listings, and you are the store should decide who will handle the outreach. It's typical to request a listing a month or more in advance as some of the better sites may book up early. If you make a concerted effort, it may be possible to convince local media to write a story about you and your book, including a mention of the personal appearance and signing. To some media, having an event will make you more newsworthy. If there is a presentation, prize, or other attraction at your event besides a signing, it may also help.

When event day arrives, handle everything like a pro to make your author personal appearance run smoothly. Arrive ahead of time to ensure things are set up currently. If you have promotional materials, bring them – posters, flyers, bookmarks, etc. Make sure to introduce yourself to the store's staff and let them assist with setup if they are interested. It's an excellent idea to invite family and friends to attend, and when they are there, you have people to turn to if you need anything unexpected. It might sound obvious but don't forget to bring at least two nice pens you can use to sign copies of your book.

While your event and signing are underway, have a sign-up sheet present for attendees to give their names and email addresses to add to your list. If you have someone who can be stationed at the front door to welcome people and direct them to the event area of the store, it is polite and helpful. You may also want to ask the store to make periodic announcements before the start of the event. When things conclude, you may want to ask the store if they would like signed copies of your book. Leaving a few behind can be a nice touch. You can also follow up with card thinking the store staff for helping.