If you've never played a retro bowl unblocked game, It might be a bit difficult to approach right away. But believe me, just go through 1 or 2 games and you will master it immediately. Below are some tips to help you become a master, even if you are just starting out. You just need to choose which path is suitable and has the highest probability of winning.

Building a Reasonable team

Each team will have a maximum of 10 players. Initially, the salary fund to pay as well as recruit team members will be small, corresponding to the reputation of the team. But after winning a few matches, the salary also gradually increased. During the transfer period, the team will offer a transaction price for the players. 


You can make the mistake of spending all your money on expensive players, but in fact, training is more important.


You will also want to make sure that your rehabilitation facilities are in good working order. Players get injured a lot in this game, so it's important to have a good rehabilitation facility so they can recover quickly – otherwise you'll find yourself with star players who can't even play.

Focus on overcoming and Two-point conversion

The game doesn't like Smashmouth's offensive behavior much (focusing on running)—it likes focusing on passing. This is basically just a result of game programming. If you want to succeed, you'll be much better off just focusing on getting through.

Some of the following strategies can help you win:

  • WR is easily the most important position. If possible, try and get at least one 4star+ WR

  • K and TE are the least important positions. K is a very situational position, only really good for last-second field goals. The TE gets double covered and seems to get knocked over a lot of the time.

  • Always go for it on 4th down and always go for a 2 point conversion. This is why I believe kickers are not very important. 90% of the time, you convert these plays and it keeps your momentum.

  • RB check-downs are extremely broken. Always, every time the RB is wide open when you pass to him. It usually results in a good play or a first down.

  • Upgrade things in the front office, especially the rehab facility and the training facility. It decreases the risk of fumbling and increases the amount of XP players get.

  • Always upgrade speed for WR and RB. For Quarterback upgrade Arm Strength. WR,RB, and QB the second most important stat is stamina. In defense, the upgrades do not really matter a ton but focus on tackling and speed.

Effective player praise

At the end of each season, you'll have the option of praising certain players to boost their morale, or praising fans to increase their numbers. There isn't any one right way to approach this, so it's best to go with your intuition, but make sure you're giving it some thought when you do.