Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is a vanity shooter game collection, whose specific parts of Bungee, 343 Industries as well as the ensemble workshops for Microsoft Gaming, today Xbox Game Studios were created.

Several weeks have passed since the launch of Halo Infinite, so many fans around everyone already had the opportunity to enjoy and know how this new adventure of the Master Chief ends. But what follows for the future of the series? Although it is still very soon as to know, a hidden kinematics in the code of infinite I could have given a good track.

According to information of Windows Central, the Data miners escaped the code of Halo Infinite and discovered a scene that did not reach the final product, and that it should appear after the credits. You can see yourself below:

During this brief scene we can see Sparta and the Chief Master exchange a few words. Specifically, the pilot warns the protagonist of the adventure about the presence of a TAG of UNSC, which could mean that our hero would be rediscovered with some important character in the future, perhaps with a DLC. On the other hand, we may be seeing further, and it is simply a scene that was trimmed by the reason you want.

Editor's note: If you had to bet, I would say that the people of 343 Industries left this scene within the Infinite Code intentionally. They knew that there would be people willing to look for the depths of the files of the game, and it was a matter of time for the cinematic in question to be discovered.

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VIA: Central Windows

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