When you are considering braces and looking for the different types, you will find that the most in-demand is the dental aligner. These are custom-made trays for your teeth, and no matter what stage of your life you will be thankful for how our inventive treatment has minimal interference with your lifestyle.

Metal braces can correct misaligned teeth or anatomical problems such as Deep Bite , an Open-Bite , a Crossbite a overjet , a footprint of teeth and spacing between teeth . When these constrain are treated early, the procedure is often less invasive and very successful.

#1. Overbite (overbite)

An overbite occurs when your upper anterior teeth protrude past the lower teeth.

Can the dental aligner repair an overbite?

Yes, dental aligners can repair an overbite. It really depends on the complexity and rigidity of the overbite. The dental aligner can correct mild to moderate cases, and occasionally even more complex overbites.

What problems can be caused by an Overbite?

An overbite can cause unhealthy wear and tear on your teeth, lead to poor chewing habits, damage the gums above the upper front teeth, cause speech problems, result in an unattractive smile, and result in an unattractive smile. Significant increase in jaw pain with age.

Benefits of treating an Overbite

  • Straighter teeth and better bite.
  • An attractive smile.
  • Healthier gums and teeth.

#2. Open-Bite

Open-Bite is a type of malocclusion that is characterized mainly by a vertical gap. This space is usually visible between the front teeth. When the teeth of both jaws are in full contact, the front teeth of the upper and lower jaws cannot meet.

Can the dental aligner treat an Open-Bite?

It depends on the severity level of the Open-Bite you have; sometimes simple cases can be treated.

What problems can be caused by an Underbite?

Open-Bite may interfere with speech and pronunciation. For example, many people with an open bite develop a lisp. In addition, The Open-Bite can prevent you from biting and chewing food properly.

Benefits of processing Open-Bite

  • Establish a beautiful healthy smile
  • Will build patient confidence
  • Protect your other teeth from wear and tear

#3. Crossbite (crossbite)

Crossbite means that when you close your mouth, some of the upper teeth are placed inside the lower teeth. It is also known as the scissor bite. Crossbites are most often caused by genetics, the delayed loss of baby teeth, or even thumb sucking.

Can the dental aligner treat a crossbite?

Yes, invisible dental aligners can correct some types of crossbite.

What problems can be caused by a crossbite?

Crossbite can lead to uneven tooth wear, tooth loss, and can even lead to headaches caused by abnormal stress placed on the jawbone.

Benefits of treating Crossbite

  • Make your smile and face more symmetrical
  • Avoid irregular tooth wear
  • Avoid abnormal jaw tension

#4. Dimensions

Crowding can present in a number of ways: overlapping teeth, rotting teeth, and partially affected teeth in the jawbone. There are many reasons why teeth can be crowded, sometimes teeth are too big for small jaws, sometimes bad habits lead to malposition of teeth, and sometimes baby teeth are lost too early or too late and adult teeth. do not burst in the correct position.

Can the dental aligner treat crowded teeth?

Yes, our Orthero dental aligners can repair crowded teeth. Our specialized Orthero team of dental experts will show you what your teeth will look like after treatment.

What problem can be caused by crowded teeth?

Crowding can fracture the edges of the teeth. Additionally, a bad bite can produce inappropriate forces on the jaw joint, which can lead to jaw pain and even headaches. It becomes arduous to remove plaque and bacteria from the crowded area. Bacteria that are not properly eliminated will multiply and lead to periodontal disease that begins with inflammation of the gums, redness and bleeding when brushing and flossing.

Benefits of treating crowded teeth

  • Teeth are easier to brush and floss
  • Avoid pain and jaw problems
  • A straight smile builds confidence and self-esteem.
  1. Diastema

Spaced teeth means having a distinct space between two teeth.

Can the aligner treat the spaces in the teeth?

Yes, the dental aligner can fill in the gaps, but it depends on the cause of the gaps.

What problems can be caused by diastemas?

Gaps in teeth not only affect people emotionally and mentally, but also cause physical problems. Having spaces between your teeth can cause food to jam between your teeth when you eat, which can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and lead to more cavities and gum disease.

Benefits of treating spaces between teeth

  • Smile with confidence
  • Avoid sticking food between your teeth
  • Change the structure of the face

#6. Overjet

An Overjet means that the upper front teeth are protruding outward.

Can the dental aligner treat an Overjet?

Yes, dental aligners can repair an overjet. It really depends on the complexity and severity of the overhang.

What problems can be caused by an Overjet?

An overjet can cause unhealthy wear and tear on your teeth, lead to chewing problems, and sometimes even speech impairment.

Benefits of processing an Overjet

  • Change the structure of the face
  • Can eat whatever you want
  • Talk and smile with confidence

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