The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, whether that means finally cleaning your closet and clearing your kitchen, or going a step further and changing your home's look. To get a sense of the top design trends that will dominate our living spaces in 2022, read our article below to get the top interior design trends that will Be the top in 2022.  Our Interior Designers Tyler TX help you get your dream space done at affordable rates! 


Glass lighting 


Pendant lighting will take on a whole new meaning in 2022, with bold designs that explore personality, form, and function. 

Enabling a deep warming hue, with variations in color and texture, the use of glass in lighting becomes more probing. From wrinkled design, a substantial trend for 2022, to bubble-like spheres, glass can be used to create truly show-stopping centerpieces in any residential or commercial space. 


The New Organic 


We're all looking to enhance our connection with nature as we spend more time indoors than ever before. Natural surfaces have seen a renaissance as a result of this. Organic materials' raw, porous, imperfect form provides depth, personality, and aesthetic fascination while also emulating the peaceful, healing ambience of nature. This return to nature has generated interest in huge trees in the United States, ranging from the exquisite black olive to Southern magnolias. 

Natural materials will be emphasized in 2022, particularly in places such as living rooms. Living room design ideas are reflecting the anti-fast fashion movement, with an emphasis on permanence and timelessness. Individuals are looking for a more environmentally conscious design strategy that will allow their living spaces to "live longer" by including components that incorporate their surroundings. 

The Perfect Peony Interior design company in Tyler Texas can help you plan your space with natural materials. 


Black Accents 

In 2022, black accents and hardware will be a trendy house trend. It's a terrific technique to give more austere settings some edge and depth: For the primary features of your room, such as paint colors and huge couches, choose light, neutral hues with black accents for contrast. Black elements, such as lamps, may really assist to enhance and provide depth to a space. Even replacing existing items like side tables or tv cabinets with black handles will offer a burst of contrast to a room. 


Natural Lighting 

Multi-functional living areas with access to sunshine and views will continue to be important in apartment living in 2022, according to our predictions. Given how much time we spend at home these days, wide windows and high ceilings are essential—they enhance vistas to the outside and give plenty of natural light, both of which are great stress relievers that never go out of style. 


Wavy Geometry 


In 2022, rounded elements will continue to be popular, but the trend will spread to other sections of the home and take on new forms. We've seen wavy undulations a lot in furniture, but we'll see it in millwork and stone backsplash details as well. The pattern may be used in a variety of scenarios. 


Performance Art in the Kitchen 


Designers predicted that the kitchen would become the new entertainment mecca in a home should consider purchasing a lottery ticket as soon as possible! Living in a pandemic world has transformed the kitchen into just that. For proof, consider one of the hottest design trends in the kitchen - two islands. As demand for hyper-flexible spaces rises, double islands have become a place for stay-at-home work, schooling, cooking and eating.  Of course, this trend gives new meaning to “dinner and a show.” 


Multifunctional Spaces 


With hybrid and remote work expected to continue beyond 2022, flexible live/work spaces that meet the needs of several generations under one roof are essential. Owners increasingly want their houses to be perfect locations to not only live, but also to work, educate their children, and house several generations—all while having the option of renting out the space. 

COVID-19 was the apparent catalyst for this trend, but it has been building for years, pointing to better technology that allows more people to work remotely, as well as intergenerational living arrangements as a result of expensive housing and elder care expenses. 

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