This article contains error code Code 3048, commonly known as Norton 360s encountered an error. Error: 3048. This repair tool can fix common errors such as BSODs, system crashes, and freezes. This repair tool can fix errors caused by malware, replace missing files in the operating system, and fix any damage. It also optimizes your computer for maximum performance.

About Runtime code 3048, 3

The Runtime Code 3048 is 3 when Norton Internet Security crashes or fails while it's running. This is why the code has its nickname. This does not necessarily mean that the code is corrupted, but that it didn't work during its run-time. symantec error 3048 3 If this error is not fixed, it will be a frustrating notification. These are the symptoms, causes, and possible solutions to the problem.

Definitions (Beta).

To help you understand the problem, we have listed some definitions of the words in your error. This section is still in development. We might misspell the word at times.

  • Norton is a Symantec brand. It was first created by Peter Norton.

Symptoms of Code 348, 3 - Norton 360 encountered an error

Runtime errors can occur without warning. Norton Internet Security can display an error message at any time. If you don't address the problem quickly, you may see the error message or another dialogue box again.

Files may be deleted or new files created. This symptom can be caused by virus infection but it can also be due to runtime errors. Virus infection is one cause of runtime errors. A user may experience an abrupt drop in internet speed. However, this is not always true.

Causes of Norton 360 encountered an error code 3048, 3

Programmers anticipate the possibility of errors when designing software. There are no perfect designs. However, errors are possible even with the best programming. If a particular error is not detected and corrected during testing and design, it can cause runtime problems.

Incompatible programs running simultaneously can cause runtime errors. This can also be caused by memory problems, bad graphics drivers, or virus infections. No matter what the cause, it must be fixed immediately to prevent further complications. These are some ways to correct the error.

Repair Methods

Although runtime errors can be frustrating and annoying, there are ways to fix them. These are some ways you can do it.

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Symantec Corporation has been developing Norton Antivirus since 1991. It is an excellent anti-malware program and antivirus software program. Norton detects and fixes any malware or virus problems on your computer. This software helps protect your device against online threats. It also allows you to easily remove email spam content from your device.

Norton Antivirus security was specifically designed to protect your smartphones, tablets, computers, and smartphones from malware, online threats, and ransomware. It also includes multiple layers of protection to protect your devices from online threats.

It comes in many versions, and it is always a remarkable piece of software. Sometimes, however, it can become clogged with technical issues or errors. Many users report Norton error 3048 3 as one of the most frequent errors.

Are your troubles with Norton AntivirusError 3048 3

You might be able to solve it with smart tricks. Many users reported that a Norton error message appears while browsing the internet. It usually displays as "Norton Error 348, 3".

These types of Norton errors can sometimes be seen with any browser at random, although some users have reported that they don't appear with every session. The error can sometimes be caused by Norton Internet Security installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It is usually on the screen.