It is designed to play across several systems, Lineage 2M Diamonds benefits from the most recent gaming software technology, including:PC PURPLE gives you a streamlined crossplay and PC experience by supporting up to 4K resolution graphics. It also allows for customization of key controls.

Remote Play: On Mobile PURPLE, you can play the game originally downloaded on your PC through your phone. For instance, once you have started the Lineage2M game from a PC at home, you can keep playing on your mobile device through Mobile PURPLE elsewhere, or even while on the move.

PURPLEtalk: With PURPLEtalk, it is possible to chat in-game live in real-time, without having to connect directly to the games channel. Acoustic quality means that you don't require another voice channel. This helps when playing with friends of clan.

The first Lineage II was released in North America Way back in 2004 and Lineage2M was launched in South Korea in 2019 and is heavily inspired by the traditions, sagas, and of course, battles and fights from the original. Mobile first, with cross-play for PC on NCSoft's PURPLE platform, Lineage2M includes support for 3D environments in 4K ultra HD as well as large-scale open world battles of the capacity of over 10,000 players.

There are bonuses specifically for the launch, including bonuses for those who download the game on the PURPLE platform, and then play on a PC. It's a system which enables mobile games to Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds play smoothly on PC, making cross play possible for certain games. The MMORPG genre has an extensive presence on PC and this is an ideal choice.