Our bathrooms are a special place to spend time throughout the day. It's where every family member recharge, so it's only natural that we should design them beautifully and elegantly. Bathroom designs, such as unique bathtubs, sleek vanity units, and Stylish tiles and storage, not everything can be combined in every space.


Following are the tips:


  1. You can easily design your bathroom and create a similar space for yourself, you can use only a large mirror and warm yellow lighting which gives splendid looks. Add a few artificial plants, and you'll have the perfect washroom. Get professional advice from bathroom rendering Sydney.


  1. Tiles are the popular choices for bathroom design and creativity. So, if you're looking for a traditional way to make things interesting, we'd recommend designing your walls and floors with matching tiles, and you'll have to create stunning bathroom space for yourself.

Simple designs can have a big impact on you, and this bathroom is the best example of that. Keep clutter away from the eyes and choose a warm color.



  1. Your bathroom design will be clean, simple, and modern, and everyone will love it.


  1. If you want to create modern design ideas, marble is always a great and first choice, especially if your bathroom is covered in marble from top to bottom. If you combined gold-toned sanitary wares and minimal accessories, you will have to create a dreamy and mesmerizing bathroom space.


  1. Choose color according to your choice and which is suitable according to your bathroom. You can try with a black and wood-toned color bathroom.


  1. If you have a small bathroom and have less space, avoid jamming it with too many accessories. Keep only what is necessary and avoid the rest of the things.


  1. You can try your bathroom space with different designs and antique prints, and create an eye-catching space.


  1. You can even create a bathroom on the terrace and enjoy the beauty of nature.


  1. When it comes, to designing light and interior spaces, plants are always great accessories. You can keep one plant in your bathroom as well, and you'll feel even better every time you leave.


What is the render mix?



Renders are usually made up of primarily cement, sand, lime, and water. However, a common rendering mix ratio is 6 parts sand, 1 part cement, and 1 part lime. Any normal cement can be used, but the sand should be of good quality and does not contain any impurities. Take the advice of an expert render repair.


What is cement render waterproof?


Both cement and polystyrene renders are highly waterproof, However, cement rendering is less expensive as compared to others. Cement is the best material option if you are concerned about water damage and want a versatile surface at a low cost. If you applied that in the correct way and maintain it regularly it will keep your home in good condition.