He is level 108 with 450HP, making it a small struggle to kill. Throughout the struggle, guards may enter the room and OSRS Accounts strike you. When he is dead, then talk to the Hostage, and climb out the window and then run to the exit, with multiple level 35's ranging you. There can, occasionally, be around 20 guards attacking you, so be cautious and fast. When you exit, you'll be given a reward: Money, a Rune thing, Runes, or even a Kandarin Shield, equivalent to Adamant, and will allow you to get to a location where 3 Hostage Guards are resting, to kill.

Pures lost a great deal of value. I'm not saying they suck today, as I have one, but it's difficult to get that kill occasionally. Pjing skyrocketed. At least in edge people would ask for struggles. Sometimes, solo players could walk into Bounty Hunter and be ambushed by huge clans who they didn't stand a chance against.

This wasn't exactly what we intended to occur, therefore, we've tweaked the principles so multiway combat can only be used in certain circumstances. Jagex doesn't like players to have an unfair advantage over people so here goes the easiest fix EVER! Create some Bounty Hunter worlds multiway combat and many others 1v1.

This would let clans REALLY return to wars, and might ease tensions. Now for the pjing correct: You have just killed someone, and they had a fantastic kill on. You attempt to pick it up and when you do, someone sees your skull change and immedately starts to shout,"PEN!!! PEN!!"

Then you have half of bounty hunter following you. Within this period you will not own a pickup or a depart penalty. You could be Buy RS Gold permitted to pick up arrows, if you were ranging, because that is what makes me pens the most. Maybe you could be allowed to get your kill, I do not know yet. In this time your skull abouve your head dissappears. Individuals can not tell if you pick up the kill or not. And if you're killed within this time period the 3 Items On Death Rule + Protect Item prayer protect items for you.