Clouds have become the new data mines for businesses. The integration of different systems to create a cloud helps businesses to store and process information diligently. This is where Microsoft’s Azure system comes into play. The system is developed and maintained by Microsoft as a platform for cloud computing. You get to access a suite of cloud services like computing, analytics, storage and networking. As businesses shift and opt for this system due to Microsoft’ stellar reputation in technology, the need for system administrators for Azure is on the rise. If you like working with cloud systems we recommend the Microsoft Azure administrator certification. But what are your responsibilities?


Configuring networks

The prerequisites of this certification indicate that you must have at least a minimum of 6 months of job experience in the field of Azure administration. The reason for this is that an azure administrator needs to have absolute clarity regarding cloud systems. The broadness and depth of the TCP/IP network are deep and broad.

The complexity is increased when it comes to configuring Azure as you're unaware of the hardware supporting Azure's networking stack. However, you'll need to be proficient at deploying and configuring virtual networks. Along with this, you'll need to orchestrate paths of routing in hybrid clouds. Finally, you'll also need to manage Public and Private IPs securely. An Azure system administrator certification can help you learn how to fulfil this job role.

Monitoring resources and analysing logs

Log analytics in the Azure portal is used to write queries. In this role, you'll have to understand your data schema and be able to filter, sort, and produce group results for it. Other responsibilities include applying time ranges, creating charts, exporting, saving, loading, and sharing queries. A Microsoft Azure administrator certification is the best teacher for such skills. The best online institutes can help you with a hands-on training experience.


The third responsibility is oriented around the management of Virtual Machines. The Microsoft Hyper V and VMware vSphere are two platforms you should be familiar with. Getting an Azure system administrator certification helps you earn deployment, configuration and backing up VMs launched on virtual networks. These tasks are difficult to manage without proper exposure to the systems. That’s why it's recommended to enrol yourself in a good online institute. They can provide you with the best practical exposure and experience.

The world is changing around us at dynamically and swiftly. This is why we believe you should too. The Azure certification is the perfect jump for your future career prospects. This is why we recommend getting yourself a short duration course. You can search the best online institutes for courses with a duration of up to 4 days. These are oriented toward professionals with busy schedules. They offer flexible timing and can help you gain skills quickly. Go online and up skill yourself today. Make the change and become an invaluable asset to businesses across the globe today. We wish you the best of luck!