The creature has a combat level of 276 which is one of the highest in the game. Like all dragons is, he has fire breath therefore it is essential to bring Anti-Dragon Shield or Antifire potions to fight RuneScape Gold. Some of the most intriguing drops are the Draconic Pickaxe along with Draconic Visage, both of which can be sold for upwards of 5 mil on the Grand Exchange.

Another piece of equipment could be purchased by Mining guilds. When you are digging for new ore, often you'll receive Unidentified Minerals. They can later be traded for any of the three types of Mining Gloves that are Regular, Superior and Expert ones. The final stage is the Expert stage. Mining Gloves works up to the Runite ore level.

While those Gloves do not grant any bonus experiences, they can increase your level by quite a bit. When wearing them, players have the chance of not depleting the rock he mines when he gathers resources. If you find the ore you need from the vein that you are mining , there is the chance that you can continue mining it. Basic gloves can be used up to the Gold tier, and Superior ones can be used up to a Runite level. Professional gloves allow you to extract more efficiently Amethyst as well.

In almost all skills, the best way to begin training is doing quests. Since starting from scratch is tedious and boring, taking on quests can be more fun and generally faster. Two quests will easily take you from the level of 1 to 32.

For a start, you can complete Doric's quest, which is a straightforward task with no prerequisites. Then, you'll be able to complete Digsite which takes several hours and will require 25 Thieving, 10 Agility , and 10 Herblore. If you are at those levels RuneScape 3 Gold, reaching 32, it will take under an hour.