ISO 27001 standard provides an international certification for the implementation, management, and maintenance of information security within an organization. Fetching in ISO 27001 standard demonstrates the compliance of your Information Security Management System (ISMS) with the documented standards and provides your consumer with the assurance concerning the security of your system and Secures your organization at the top.


The organization in the worldwide have responded to the pressure by implementing ISO 27001 standard, the only auditable international standard that tells the requirements of an information security management system(ISMS). It is a documented set of policies, processes, procedures, and systems that will manage the risk of data loss from cyber-attacks, hacks, or theft.


ISO 27001 certification in Thailand normally specifies the implementation of a management system and provides the requirements for organizations which is needed to get information security risks under management control. This standard uses an integrated risk management substructure of policies and procedures that includes all lawful, physical, and technical controls involved in organization management processes. This ISO 27001 standard applies to all organizations, regardless of size, industry, or business type. organizations can use ISO 27001 standard to demonstrate the maturity of their information security environment, meet contractual obligations, or gain a competitive uniqueness.


Mandatory information security


One of the major aims of ISO 27001 Services in Thailand is to make strengthen security across the board. It recognizes that every project has intrinsic vulnerabilities that could potentially be utilized. To make sure homogeneity, your organization will decree the information security regardless of the shape and scope of a project. It will be required in nearly all situations.

Taking this kind of assiduous approach is a big step toward mitigating what has become an incredibly pervasive problem. Because roughly 300,000 of the small to mid-sized businesses (19 percent) have encountered cyber threats, proactivity is essential.


What are the benefits of implementing ISO 27001?


  • . Improves data security
  • Improves processes and strategies
  • Line up with current management systems
  • Creates a culture of continuous improvement
  • Avoid the fines from regulatory non-compliance.
  • Avoid the civil suits that resulting from a data violation.
  • Avoids the costs of mitigating action resulting from incidents or violation
  • It praises you with a mark of quality
  • Avoid the fines from regulatory non-compliance.



How to get ISO 27001 Certification in Thailand? 

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