Costa Rica is a little Central American country that is mostly known for its perfect weather, the environment and as one of the top places to retire abroad.Best beach towns in costa rica The reasons people choose to retire there are many which include an average of year round temperature of 80 degrees, low cost of living and the cost of real estate.

If you are thinking about moving to Costa Rica, it is a great idea to know what you are getting into starting with the best place to live and buy real estate.

Are you looking for a community with other foreigners or are you looking to live amongst the locals? How important is it to be close to stores, hospitals or the beach?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on buying or renting a home in Costa Rica.

To help you out, here are some of the top locations in Costa Rica that expats have chosen to establish themselves and why.

Escazu, the City of Witches

Escazu is one of the trendiest area of Costa Rica that is located in the Central Valley. Only 7 miles away from San Jose, Escazu has long been a favorite for expats due to its modern conveniences that are very similar to the United States.

The price of homes in Escazu is higher than anywhere else in Costa Rica featuring homes ranging from $350,000 and up.

Many expats choose to live in Escazu because it offers slightly warmer weather than San Jose while at the same time providing all of the amenities of home like shopping centers, modern hospitals and schools.

Jaco Beach, a Place for Fun and Surf close to the Big City

Jaco Beach has long been a favorite amongst foreigner as a beach town due to its proximity to San Jose. A mere 40 miles from San Jose, Jaco beach has grown from a sleepy beach town to a modern yet modest beach community.

Jaco beach is also known for holding its famous surfing competition, sports fishing and its nature reserves. Price of real estate in Jaco Beach can vary greatly depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a small bungalow close to the beach you can pay as low as $30,000 but if you are looking for beachfront property the prices can vary from $75,000 and up.

Even though Jaco does not have the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica it is still one of the happening places for expats as it has a great night life and offers many of the amenities found in larger cities.

Santa Ana, an up and coming area of Costa Rica that is looking to be the next Escazu.

Only 15 miles away from San Jose, Santa Ana is a small community that is fast becoming the next big development area amongst expats.

Santa Ana offers modern homes at about 20% less than Escazu while offering similar taste of homes with great restaurants like the Cebolla Verde and Tex Mex. For people that love shopping, Santa Ana offers several modern shopping centers. Combined with its many natural springs and convenient location next to the Inter-American highway, Santa Ana is a fast growing community.

Grecia, a Little Community with Lots to Offer

Grecia is a nice little town located approximately 27 miles from San Jose on that has a nice expat community.

While the Grecia area is an agricultural community, the town of Grecia offers plenty of attractions like the Snake Museum, the Los Chorros waterfalls and many colonial cathedrals. Grecia is a popular spot for foreigners who are looking for a friendly community at very affordable prices.

Best beach towns in costa rica The price of homes in the Grecia area ranges from $50,000 and up which makes it very attractive to American expats wanting to live close to the city and hot have to pay the higher prices of Ecazu.

Even though these are the top places where foreigners and expats choose to establish themselves in, one must not forget that Costa Rica is full of great areas that even though may not be very popular are still great places to live in.


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