Does the very mention of Mathematics make your child cringe? While you are not alone in this, the significance of Mathematics as a subject cannot be neglected. And why only Maths, every subject contributes to the shaping of a child as an individual. Hence, it would be highly beneficial to have a secret solution for your child to ace in their academic as well as social life. And it's here - Abacus! As is the case with any skill, the early years matter a lot. Thus, enrol your kid into an institute to learn how to use an abacus and reap the benefits in the long run.


What is Abacus?

An abacus is an instrument divided into two horizontal sections, with sliding beads used for calculations. While the device is new, the practice dates back to around 300 B.C. The general notion of associating Abacus with maths is no longer relevant; mental maths would be a more appropriate term to relate it with. In recent times, it is used to teach arithmetic to children along with aiding in the betterment of overall cognitive functions.

Benefits Offered

The continuous practice of the Abacus can unbind the hidden potential of your child. Nowadays, renowned institutes hire proficient Abacus tutors to help your child in the learning process. See them gain confidence, enjoy maths, and prosper in academics with one simple step. Here is how the knowledge of the Abacus will benefit your child:

  • Competence in Mathematics. The most hated subject in school will no more be feared, credit goes to Abacus. The love for numbers will develop and kids will learn to play with them.
  • Enhanced logic and reasoning. Refinement in carrying out daily tasks and improvement in problem-solving abilities is evident. Consequently, other related skills also develop like speed and accuracy.
  • Fosters in Memory and Attention. No more fiddling with stuff during study hours. Not only will it help in improving the attention of your child, but at the same time will boost their memory, allowing them to retain information accurately for a long time.

Enriching Teaching Environment

A wholesome learning experience is created to make students get the best of experiences available. Expert abacus tutors work their best to come up with a structured teaching approach that suits the needs of the students. A lot of aspects are considered to give the students a fulfilling time learning.

  • Familiarity with the instrument is extremely crucial to be able to use it well.
  • The values of the beads in mathematical calculations are taught next.
  • The formulas and procedures involved are somewhat complex, but over time can be mastered with the proper guidance.

The process starts with introducing the abacus to students and making them comfortable with it. Basic finger movements are taught that enable children to perform complex operations later. When they adapt to the device, the programme of Virtual Abacus is brought in. This facilitates memory and brain development and leads to greater self-esteem.

It is seen that a period of about two years is required for your child to master the art of the Abacus. An early start would also mean an early end, as your child will bear the fruits for a longer time. Make your kids learn how to use an abacus and watch as they soar high in every field of academics.