The underdeveloped province of Balochistan is considered the most attractive destination spot for tourists who love to behold the calmness and soothing aura of a less populated place. However, due to Pakistan's unfortunate history and sliding stability, Balochistan is yet to realize its true potential. If you want to invest in Property in Gwadar so you should go with

In the past few years, several initiatives have been taken in this remote province of Pakistan in collaboration with the Chinese government. Thankfully, over the course of years, Balochistan got recognized for its beauty and strategic importance like other provinces of Pakistan. 

The smart port city of Gwadar in Balochistan is a hot topic among investors as it's the flagship project under CPEC. The smart port city of Gwadar is situated on the southwestern coast of Balochistan. 


The Princess of Hope

The princess of hope is a naturally shaped statue that looks like a princess. It manifests a princess looking beyond the horizon. She stands tall, hopefully looking beyond the skyline. The entire landscape of this destination comes with mountains and gorges of rock and mud. 

The statue is located at the Hingol National Park in the Lasbela district of Balochistan. 

This exciting rock got its name from a renowned Bollywood actress Angeline Julie when they visited Pakistan in 2002.  

Astola Island

This mysterious island is located near the coast of the Arabian sea in Gwadar District. Astola Island is manifested as an unhurled secret of eternal beauty and calmness. It is also named Jezira Haft Talar Satadip, translated as'' Island of Seven Hills." This exciting destination was declared the first marine protected area in Pakistan, making it a destination worth visiting. Click here Plot For Sale in Gwadar

The Sphinx

If you're already familiar with this archaeological wonder, you must be wondering that this Egypt wonder is wrongly placed on this list. Well, fortunately, Gwadar also has one, and journalists pass it off as a naturally shaped rock. However, no archaeological survey has been performed to prove this claim.

This wonder is situated on the coastline of Makran, which is crowded with fascinating rocky hills and cliffs. This architectural wonder has a steep head dress with sharp-cut features.