Persuasive writing involves presenting your point of view and convincing the reader to accept your perspective. It is just like arguing for a case. You have to present your best arguments and provide supporting evidence to make your point. At the same time, you need to focus on your language and tone. Let us see 7 basic features of persuasive writing that many essay writers recommend. 

  1. Trust and credibility 

Persuasive writing requires you to connect with your readers. One way to connect with your readers is by making them believe you or trust you. This can be done if you establish yourself as an expert. Another way to connect with your readers is by building credibility. It can be done by connecting with the emotions of your readers and by stating your expert opinion. 

  1. Language 

The language that you use in persuasive writing is of utmost importance because this is what convinces your readers. So make sure you pick the right words to make an impact on your readers. Here are some techniques to do that:

  • Hyperbole: Exaggerate your point and bring it across to readers. Example: “This is the best solution that I have to offer to you.” 
  • Active language: Engage your readers. Example: “Think it yourself, what would you do in this situation?” 
  • Use statistics: Numbers say a lot that words can’t. Example: “5 out of 7 countries lack basic environmental-friendly features.” 

  • Flattery: Praise your audience to gain their trust. Example: “You are smart enough to judge whether a girl needs to complete her education before marriage.” 
  1. Tone 

How to bring a convincing tone to your writing? Well, there are plenty of ways to do that. “You can set an authoritative tone, bring some humour or say something intelligent and convince people that what you are saying is right. So select a tone that suits your topic and your readers and you can create a high-quality persuasive essay”, says John who provides essay help to college students. 

  1. Rhetoric and repetition 

Many essay writing services suggest two techniques that are important for building a connection with your readers are rhetoric and repetition. You must understand that repetition of ideas and redundancy are two different things. You must repeat your perspective differently rather than simply repeating your perspective. You may also use a rhetorical question to incorporate repetition in your writing. It makes your reader think about your point. 

  1. Evidence

Rosemary, who works for a write my paper says, “if you want someone to agree with your perspective, you must give them a convincing example. You can include facts, quotes from famous people, anecdotes or some latest statistics to support your arguments and convince your reader. Evidence plays a crucial role in persuasive writing.”

  1. Thorough research 

If you want to convince someone, you must first have complete knowledge about it. Understand both sides of the topic before you choose your side. You will see that once you have enough knowledge about the topic, writing about it becomes much easier for you. 

  1. Integrity and empathy 

Make sure what you are saying makes some sense and is not at all misleading your readers. “Your writing must be logical and each point you add in your essay should add up to your main point. You should also emphasise your evidence using strategic repetition and compel your audience”, says Josh, who works as an essay typer. As they say, if you want to convince someone, just state the right thing and the readers will convince themselves. Persuasive writing becomes much easier when you know your facts and understand the topic in depth. Use these 7 basic features of persuasive writing to create your essays and ensure success.