This will allow you to cheap OSRS GP unnote the sold wines so you can take them home without going to the bank which is way more expensive than a general stores. You won't need more gold than 200gp to take a carpet ride because you will get sufficient gold for wine from the bandits that you can pick off. Because Pollen Reach is not affected by desert heat , you don't require any water source.

Another thing that is on the list of items you'll need are armor and other equipment. Bandits are quite powerful and if they don't manage to knock down your target you will see them chasing you until you leave the zone. It is important to have a good set, so the amount of the food that you're planning to use isn't too large.

The less you are hit with, the less food you will need to eat. If you're in a battle with a bandit, running away is often a better option over a fight (unless you have extremely strong combat skills and can take him down without taking time).

When it comes to other items that can simplify your life, you can also bring gloves of silence - they don't increase your chances of obtaining blackjack or to pickpocket. After a successful blackjack, they'll provide an additional percentage when you succeed in a subsequent attempt of pickingpocketing. Additionally, the it could be a great addition because it restores the health of the player by one for every minute. Things such as Rogue Equipment, Ardougne Cloak and Dodgy Necklace won't be neccessary in this case.

You now have the information about blackjack and you're prepared to play, so you are able to begin to learn. Visit the Shantay pass to take part in the Magic Carpet ride. Ask the NPC If he's willing to guide you to the Pollnivneach where you will find bandits.

There are three kinds of rs2007 gold bandits that you might meet in the camp: Bearded bandits dressed in white are perfect for level 45 thiefs, barbershop-shaved ones in white outfits are best robbed at the age of 55, while those wearing bright and colorful outfits are suitable for thieving experts with skills over 65. It is easy to determine what each of the bandits looks by examining him using right-click.