Maintaining your oral health is an investment in your overall health. But, when it comes to maintaining dental hygiene, people often neglect to go for a regular dental check-up as there is always a fear of a huge medical bill. But what if I tell you that you can get quality dental care at an affordable price, without burning a hole in your pocket.

It is important to follow a consistent and effective dental care routine. Brushing regularly, flossing, using mouthwash, cleaning your tongue, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco are all important steps in preventing dental diseases.

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What about misaligned teeth? Your dental health is more than just a beautiful smile with a white pearly set. Crooked teeth aren’t just an aesthetic problem, a proper teeth alignment is vitally important to oral health. But you can’t align teeth on your own just following your daily dental routine, for that you require specialized dental treatment. 

What is Teeth Alignment and why is it Important to Your Oral Health?

Teeth Alignment is the process of improving and moving teeth to a position that functions harmoniously and comes evenly throughout the mouth according to a person’s bite. 

Teeth Alignment aims at improving crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, crossbites, teeth gaps, and other dental problems. These flaws can lead to the risk of tooth decay and cavities.

The chances of infection are higher because there are more places for the food to get stuck and bacteria to take hold which can further lead to various gum diseases.  Severely uneven teeth can often affect your jaw and your speech as well.

Therefore, it is advised by specialised dentists to get a teeth alignment treatment as soon as possible in order to prevent the risk of diseases in the future. Moreover, dental issues in the early stage are much easier to treat.

How can you achieve Aligned Teeth?

There are two main types of orthodontic treatments available for teeth alignment- with braces and without braces. Technology is ever-changing and the dynamic modification in the field of dentistry has not only changed the perception of patients but also the conventional techniques to modern techniques. You no longer have to experience the excruciating pain of traditional metal braces.

We utilize the latest dental technology of teeth aligners that have changed the treatment pattern of getting your teeth aligned to give the best smile makeover you deserve.

What are Teeth Aligners?

Teeth aligners are clear or almost transparent trays made of special material. These are mouthguard-like braces that easily slip over your teeth. These aligners are specially designed using a digital 3D scanner to map your smile and create an aligner custom-made for your smile.

Dental aligners bring misaligned teeth in the correct position using gentle and constant force without having to go through the discomfort and pain of traditional braces.

How Much Do Teeth Aligners Cost in India?

The Teeth Aligners cost in India ranges from Rs. 5000to Rs. 10000.

The clear aligners are custom-made therefore the cost of treatment may vary from one individual to another. The exact cost is determined by many following factors:

  1. Doctor’s expertise & consultation fee
  2. The complexity of your case
  3. Duration of Treatment
  4. Any additional Services being incurred
  5. Other

You can now enjoy your treatment with dental aligners being affordable, painless, comfortable to wear, easily removable, and most importantly pocket friendly. Furthermore, there are no food restrictions and minimum clinical visits. This is an effortless method to maintain your oral hygiene.

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