With this guide - Doing Some Crime , we aim to help you optimize your ESO Crates farming methods, so that you have more time for fun in-game activities, and don’t feel burned out after hours of farming. After reading this guide, you will never worry about having enough ESO Gold again. So without further due, let’s get started.

Crime in the real world can cause you trouble, but the same can bring you rewards in ESO. One ESO best way to make gold involves committing as many crimes as possible. You can steal, murder, etc., in any preference you want. This will earn you great amounts of gold coins stored in the back drawers and back pockets.

The first thing to remember about this method is that it commits crimes only in the stealth mode. Stay hidden always and look out for roaming NPCs. Attend to your reticle telling your detected/hidden status and act accordingly. Your rewards will get nullified upon getting killed or fine payment.

Secondly, clean the multi-purpose items rather than selling them out. This includes items like crafting items, recipes, motifs, potions, lockpicks, equipment, soul gems, and different utility items.

The best way to maximize your efficiency as a criminal in ESO is to pursue and completely fill out your Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, and Legerdemain skill lines. Here are the most important skills you can take:

Trafficker (Legerdemain): Allows you to sell and launder additional goods, up to 180% of the default value (at Rank IV), equating to 140 total sales and 140 total launders per day.

Light Fingers (Legerdemain): Increases the chance of successfully pickpocketing an NPC, up to 50% (at Rank IV).

Locksmith (Legerdemain): Increasing your odds of picking a lock, up to 70% (at Rank IV).

Scales of Pitiless Justice (Dark Brotherhood): Decreases Bounty and Heat from a witnessed murder or assault by up to 50% (at Rank IV).

Padomaic Sprint (Dark Brotherhood): Makes you move up to 30% faster for 12 seconds after you assassinate an NPC (at Rank IV).

Haggling (Thieves Guild): Gives you up to 10% in increased profits from fenced items (at Rank IV).

Clemency (Thieves Guild): Adds a dialogue option to temporarily let you off the hook with the guards if you’re accosted by one. Lasts for 1 minute. Only works once per day.

Swiftly Forgotten (Thieves Guild): (At Rank IV) makes Bounty disappear at a rate of 115 and makes Heat disappear at a rate of 64 per every 3 minutes.

Dark Stalker (Vampirism): Lets you ignore movement speed penalty while sneaking, also lets you enter stealth 50% quicker at night.

Inevitably, the fuzz will catch up with you at some point or another. This is the way of criminal life in Tamriel, and you can’t hurt or kill guards. Take The Steed Mundus Stone bonus for a 10% movement speed buff. It’ll come in handy when you need to run. You might also consider taking the Shadowy Supplier skill from the Dark Brotherhood line. It generates an NPC in Outlaws Refuges that gifts you random items once per day. Gifted items from the Shadowy Supplier can range from Edicts to Roguish Stealth Draughts, both of which greatly assist when escaping the law.

Additionally, the Alchemy skill line allows you to concoct Invisibility Potions. These potions are crucial for evading the prying eyes of NPCs in heavily guarded areas (where you’ll find the best loot). Take the Laboratory Use passive at Alchemy Rank 15, then gather and mix the following three ingredients together to get Invisibility Potions which also grant a speed boost:

Namira’s Rot: Commonly found next to trees, in caves, and in shaded areas.

Scrib Jelly: Looted off of Kwama mobs in Stonefalls, Bal Foyen, Vvardenfell, and Deshaan.

Nirnroot: Found next to bodies of water, rivers, and streams.

Remember that the best items in ESO are stored away in Thieves Troves, safeboxes, and in the homes and apparel of nobles. You can eyeball an NPC to see what their social status is — the higher the social class, the better chance you’ll have at finding valuable items when you pickpocket and/or kill them. Furthermore, you’re more likely to discover blue and green items (worth 250 and 100 gold, respectively) inside of a well-guarded palace than you would if you were looting some poor beggar’s campsite.

Note that you may pickpocket an NPC a second time after an arbitrary cooldown timer is reached. I’d strongly encourage you to pickpocket and then subsequently murder the same NPC to obtain multiple drops. Just make sure the coast is clear! Any witnesses will automatically place a bounty on your head.

When you’re ready to offload your goods, head to the nearest Outlaws Refuge and speak to a fence. You can also pay gold to clear your outstanding bounty. By default, you can only fence and launder 50 items per day when starting out in ESO, so choose your deals wisely.

Now that you have gotten enough goods, it’s time to offload them. For that, you can go to the local Outlaws Refuge and find the fence there. If you have any bounty raised, then it can be paid off with gold too. As default offloading, there is the option of fencing only. At the beginning of ESO, you can only clean 50 items in a day. Keeping these rules in mind, you can make better deals for better profits.

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