Like many other nonfiction titles, business books are marketing-friendly because they are often newsworthy and of interest to the media. A good business book publicity campaign contains many dimensions, each of which will reach target readers. Most top-selling books about business help solve a problem, explain how to succeed or become more profitable, and contain information that people regard as new or unique. Business book marketing campaigns include media outreach and well-crafted pitches to potentially interested editors and producers. Get it right, and they'll cover your book launch.

The facts and concrete information included in business books make good story ideas for the media – and excellent interview topics. The most effective press materials are to-the-point, usually brief but not always, and contain information that easily translates to news and current events. Meeting people's needs of helping them in ways seen as valuable also helps a business book win the media's favor. There are also times when your knowledge or reputation as an author can drive the coverage of your book. In those cases, your author's brand is the deciding factor for the media.

There is no way to predict in advance how well a book will sell or whether the coverage generated by a PR campaign will spark sales. But there is a lot of experience and anecdotal evidence that suggests business bool launches supported by professional marketing tend to do better than those without promotional support. If your thoughts are running to the internet, there's no doubt it's a powerful part of book PR today. But only using social media, blog posts, and a website to promote a book doesn't always work. Coverage on TV and in news brands with websites and print editions confers stature.

No matter how you plan to promote your business book, planning your campaign thoroughly and starting early is crucial. A book is newsworthy when it is launched and for a limited time afterward. If you get off to a slow start and try to pick up the pace too long afterward, you will miss your best chances for coverage. Publicity campaigns can start local and build to regional and national exposure, but they must begin around the time of your book's release. No one will cover a book that's been out for any significant period. As soon as you finish writing it, begin the PR planning.