Air Jordan Shoes 2021 The Nike Air Max Day, which started in 2014, is undoubtedly a major event in the sneaker circle every year. To celebrate the extraordinary milestones of its atmospheric cushion family, Nike will come with new AIR MAX shoes every time. Join the grand event together.
No.1 Nike Air Max 97
The design of Air Max 97 is inspired by Japanese bullet trains. The streamlined shape is used as the main outline, and futuristic reflective light strips are injected. This design also echoes the wavy lines caused by the rain. With the rise of retro running shoes in recent years, Air Max 97 is a popular running shoe with almost everyone's feet. The "Silver Bullet", commonly known as "Silver Bullet", has an irreplaceable position in the minds of shoe fans. It is a classic. Classic.
No.2 Nike Air Max 95
The Nike Air Max 95, which is highly respected by old shoe fans, is the most symbolic in the original "Neon" color scheme. The design is based on the concept of bionics, which simulates the visual image of human bones. The fluorescent elements are matched with gray gradient colors and the signature is injected. Reflective details of, are warmly welcomed in Japan, and once appeared in the plot of "Spicy Teacher GTO". From the above factors, we can see the importance of this pair of shoes to the trend culture.
No.3 CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 ``Kiss of Death''
As the first pair of sneakers between Edison Chen and Nike, Kiss of Death can be said to be the originator of fashion shoes that incorporate Chinese elements. The overall inspiration comes from the concepts of acupuncture and acupuncture points in the traditional oriental culture. In the multi-layered upper made of leather, ostrich leather and snake leather, the rich visual texture is displayed in earthy colors, and the most special is the transparent window design at the toe, which is still very avant-garde design until now. The insole is printed with the meridian pulse on the sole of the foot. In addition to mentioning the theme again, it also brings a strong cultural aesthetics. Finally, it is embellished with CLOT's signature logo and Chinese style texture to show the core spiritual concept.
No.4 Nike Air Max 720
The 720, which debuted as the most visible Air Max in history, is also the favorite of many shoe fans. The name comes from the Air Max with a super thick midsole, because its height is an exaggerated 3.8 cm, which not only breaks the previous record, but also subverts everyone's visual experience. Finally, the color scheme is embellished with futuristic colors. The heightened and easy-to-fit features also made the Air Max 720 a sensation as soon as it went on the market.
No.5 Nike Air Max 2090
Last year coincided with the 30th anniversary of the birth of Nike Air Max 90. In order to commemorate this extremely important moment for the air cushion family, Nike especially took the 90 as the main design axis and launched the new Air Max 2090 to symbolize a new beginning. The Nike Air Max 2090 inherits the visible air cushion configuration of the previous series as the signature and the appearance of the Max 90, and injects a highly technologically transparent material upper on the upper. The overall view is very consistent with the core concept of its design and represents the Max family It’s worth mentioning that the heel is also equipped with an Air Max and pull tab that is 200% larger than the previous series, and the outsole uses a new tread pattern, whether it’s the first color or design. Tribute to Air Max 90.