Powder coating can be used instead of the traditional method of painting and is perfect for providing long-lasting finishes to a variety of goods. The products are covered with thermosetting powder & baked in a powder coating oven at 350°F to 400°F until the powder melts, resulting in a smooth coating. Cross-linking is a chemical reaction that occurs during heating that offers durability to the item being coated. To successfully apply this coating, you must have the requisite expertise.

The surface of the material to be coated should be properly prepared for the process. The parts should be disassembled to the most basic level, and any part that cannot withstand heat, like plastic, should be done away with. The parts should be adequately cleaned to remove traces of grease, oil, dirt, rust, etc. You can sandblast the parts to get them clean as best as you possibly can.

A clean sheet, plastic cover, or tarpaulin should be laid down to cover the area where the powder coating will be applied. You can take the cover and throw it away on completion of the process. A vacuum cleaner should not be used for clean-up so that the powder will not be deposited elsewhere. 

Applying the powder to corners and deeply isolated areas can be difficult, but repositioning the item to allow gravity assists in the coating process, enabling you to spray down to remote areas. It is also essential & vital to make use of the right nozzles for the area and item you are coating.

There are ovens specifically designed for this type of process, and they are generally referred to as powder coating ovens. They are not that expensive, and you can get them in stores in your area or even online. The item should not be baked more than the manufacturer's specified time.

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