Twinkling lights hung on the pine trees, pretty sunset gleaming from behind the red and white glitter balls, and tiny flakes of the white snow settling in the patios; all charming and beautiful! It’s Christmas, winters and December that ship you to this fascinating semblance and brew this heavenly feeling in your heart. Let’s say we want to double up this feeling and spend the Christmas holidays in a place that’s just stunning in simple words. Well, I can’t think of any other place than Prague, the most beautiful city in Europe! It’s a city that brims with festive vibes and beautiful decorations every year amid the enticing celebrations. You can spend your long-awaited Dream Christmas in Prague and take a suitcase full of lovely memories back home. Well, if you’re already musing about it, here are a few things you must do on your festive visit to this enchanting city and live it up to the max.

Take a Vintage Car Ride

The beauty of Prague will compel you to see the city as soon as you land there! You can catch pretty sights and stroll around the streets in some gorgeous vintage cars. Whether you book your sightseeing tour beforehand or you get your hands on it in person, you’ll enjoy this thrilling ride both ways. Experience the frosty air blowing in your hair as you move on the roads of Praha and take in the mesmerizing views of the antique buildings, tiny coffee shops and little Christmas stalls. Just in case the weather is too cold to handle, they might even give you a warm blanket to cover yourself in. This veteran car ride is a pressing experience that you shall never miss out on.

Stalk the Christmas Markets

Is it even necessary to mention the Christmas Markets here! It’s not possible that you go all the way to Prague for the festive season and don’t go to the Christmas Markets. You will come across two major ones in the city that are both just a 5-minute walk away from each other. These are hosted at Wenceslas Square Markets and the Old Town Square. Soak up the magical atmosphere with Christmas music playing around, the festive smell filling up the aura and beautiful decorations casting a spell on your mind. Delve into the markets, grab some amazing Christmas discounts and shop for a variety of hundreds of cute souvenirs to take back home and holiday stuff to set up that joyful spirit.

Sip on Warm Svařák

Christmas is the Svařák season in Prague! It’s hot mulled wine available at a bunch of stalls in the Christmas markets that you would love to sip on in the freezing weather. Svařák is the Czech name, and this warm drink contains all it takes to heat up your soul while you’re rubbing your palms to escape the cold. They prepare it from red wine, spices, citrus fruit and a sweetener that delight your palates as you stride along the streets. Considering that you’re there in Prague to spend a dreamy Christmas, Svařák, being a traditional holiday drink, is not something you should cast aside. You can find it in cosy cafes, roadside stalls and luxury hotels as well. Also, you can grab a recipe and make it later at your homes to relive your Prague memories!

Drop by Café Slavia

In case you’re wondering about some welcoming eateries to try in Prague, keep Café Slavia at the top of your list. It’s the most famous café in the city that you’d undoubtedly fall in love with. Made in 1881, this beautiful café is located in the city’s downtown and holds a rich history for you to explore. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast, traditional Czech dishes, international cuisines and a wonderfully curated selection of mouthwatering desserts. Try beef goulash, roasted duck, salad niçoise, crepes, tiramisu, apple strudels, and some tempting wines and coffees. Besides, if you visit the café after 5 in the evening, you can listen to their professional pianists suffusing the air with sweet melodies!

Cruise Along the Vltava River

What would be better than gliding on a calm river to relax a bit as you tour around the prettiest city in Europe! Go for a cruise ride on the Vltava River and see it all with a much better and beautiful oceanic perspective. You will find several short cruises leaving every hour with a cluster of tourists and other people. Take a hot cup of coffee along and a camera to capture the serene views and swans floating in the water. It’s romantic, peaceful, venturous, and entertaining, all at once. So, book yourself a charming boat and experience one of the best things in Prague while the entire city glitters with reds and whites.