For Sarah to NBA 2K22 MT Coins complete the quest, purchase something from the shop in which her city affiliation is. Many players have said that they have completed this challenge by wearing the Luka jersey or an Adidas compression shirt, so keep that in mind if the outfits in her city aren't working. Once you have the outfit then head over on the City Runway to fulfill this section of the quest.

For Apollo participants, they'll need to wear khaki pants as well as gray suits to fulfill his requirements. From there, once again make your way towards the City Runway to fulfill this aspect of the challenge and go on towards the NBA game requirement.

Players need to accumulate "My Point" points through playing professional games, completing tasks street basketball, etc., and thereby increasing the limit of characters. Simply put even if plenty of VC Coins and you have increased the capabilities of your character to the highest level at starting the game. You need to gain "My Point" experience by playing continuously to help your characters be the best NBA players. .

As the game begins, game, the character's value will decrease to around an average between 60 and 60. Are you enrolled in college, participating in the G-League or even become a member of the NBA?

When the official start of"My Career" mode, once they have officially entered "My Career" mode, athletes will be presented with the decision of "enter the university to be a participant within the G-League", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft." If you choose to participate in the NBA, the character cannot be admitted to the university to participate in the G-League in the event that you decide joining the G-League however, you will be able to Buy NBA 2K22 MT participate in the NBA following the completion of a season, but cannot continue to play in an NCAA league.