They said that they would purchase The Torags's platelegs, helmet, and the platebody for 1.9 million. I examined the prices and discovered that if I purchase them in 1.6 million and charge them RS Gold, I can only spend 1.8 million and still save coins. Then , he advised me to purchase Bandos Boots, but I researched Dragon Boots and they have the highest strength benefit and cost less. He also suggested buying a an amulet and whip, which I have brought.

I've been camping around metal dragons in recent times in search of clue scrolls, as well as court summons and effigies (i would like to say Vissy is a possibility, but i don't intend to jeopardize it). I have been meleeing mostly in combination with mage when I have enough blood runes in drops.

I don't have tons of cash (like 600k cashpile atm that's why I'm at metal dragons). What can I do to improve my system to make it more efficient/whatever. This is a brimhaven dungeon and not the resource dungeon. Stats: 93 att, 86 str, 80 def, 89 hp, 80 range, 87 mage, 71 pray, 62 summoning.

Hey guys, I've just started playing RS once more and I have several questions on things i've noticed. Capes for skill, everyone seems to own one nowadays what's up with that? It was rare to find them , but now I'm getting a lot of them on lower level players. These aren't just cheap ones like cooking/firemaking too.

Combat levels Are they just me or is everyone much higher now? It was it was rare to find someone between 110-126 players, the only thing I can see now is red:D Could this be due to the dungeoneering talent? Before I quit one of my favorite methods of getting cash fast was to purchase adamant bars at avansies OSRS Fire Cape for sale. Is this still good money? Are there better options?