Canon G series printers are the most recent version of Canon's printers. They mimic the Epson L Series printers with Ink Tank Tubes, which are integrated with the Body Printer. It is easier for users to refill ink, check ink levels and modify the IV tubes than on Canon printers. Canon G Series printers are available in many types, including Series G1000 to G2000, G3000, and G4000.

Canon printer users, particularly the G Series, often experience error 5B00. The most common error 5B00 is caused by prolonged printer use. This is due to the Inkpad Counter exceeding its maximum storage limit. error 5b00 canon g2000 The error 5B00 will usually appear on the Desktop screen and notify the user with a runny ink cartridge icon.

It is not possible to download Canon G Series Inkpad Counter Printer Resetter software at the moment. To overcome them, you must first reset the IC using the Special Resetter Tool. The IC must be removed from your mainboard. Next, replace the EEPROM IC with a new unit. It does not guarantee that it will work as expected. In other words, each hooky is responsible for the solution.

It never hurts to give it a shot. Here's a tutorial on how to reset a Canon G1000 or G2000 printer.

  1. Turn off the Printer and prepare the paper using the Baking Paper Printer
  2. Hold down the STOP button and then press the power button.
  3. Hold down the STOP Key and press the power button. Next, press the STOP button five times consecutively. Finally, release both buttons simultaneously.
  4. If everything is in order, the Printer will automatically enter the save mode MODE indicator. The light is now green and silent.
  5. The STOP button should be pressed 5 times. Once the printer power button is pressed 1 time, the printer will print your document.
  6. To print the document, press the STOP button three times and the power button one time.
  7. Manual reset is successful
  8. Turn off your printer, and then turn it on again. The printer will go back to normal and you can print documents.

If the 5B00 error persists after you have tried the above methods, it is possible to replace the IC EEPROM. The Tutorial Guide on How To Overcome Error5B00 on Canon G1000-G2000, G3000, G3000, and G4000 Printers is now available.

The Canon G2000 ink cartridge and Canon printer only have a limited amount of ink. The Waste Ink Counter can be used to measure the ink quantity. When the Waste ink Counter is full the printer cannot print anymore. This allows the printer to ensure that ink doesn't spill into its component systems.

My experience is that the sponge containing the ink often gives the impression that it is full. This situation could have been created by the manufacturer to prevent disasters from happening.

This can be done in one of two ways: either buy a new printer or reset the waste counter to return to 0% so you can continue to use Canon G2000.

A lot of people who provide printing services, as well as officers, need to know that an alternative ink cartridge can be used outside. This solution isn't effective as the printer will stop working again after consuming certain pages. The Waste ink Counter must be reset and you can continue to use it. This is very time-consuming and can negatively impact your work. We need a solution. Follow the below instructions and be patient.

Canon G2000 5B00 error reset by Canon G2000 Resitter

If your computer is still under warranty: Let's take it to the place you purchased it from or to the closest Canon store to have it repaired. They'll help you to replace the ink cartridge or reset the Waste Ink Counter back to 0%.

If the warranty period for your Canon G2000 printer has expired, then it is too old and frequently has problems. It's time to get rid of it and buy a new one.

If your printer is still working but the warranty has expired then reset the waste ink counter. Clean the ink cartridge to avoid any damage to the components.

1. Instructions to download Canon G2000 Resetter to fix the 5B00 error on the printer should be given.

You can download the report I posted on It contains instructions for downloading WIC Reset Utility Tool (or Canon G2000 resetter).

I won't have to search for it again.

Canon G2000 resetter solution comes in two versions: Windows and Mac OS. Please check which control system is best for your printer.

What's the Canon G2000 resetter and what is it?

Canon G2000 Resetter is another name for WIC Reset Utility Tool or Wiriest. This software was created to help users use their Epson and Canon printers easily. They can also reset the printer themselves if the printer stops functioning due to overflow.