Remove your own tags from images
Do some of your friends always tag you in photos without your consent? Fortunately, there are two ways to get rid of this situation. To do this, go to the photo and tap on it to select your username. Doing so will give you two options: Remove Me From Post and Hide From Profile. The Remove Me From Post option removes the tag completely. If you do not want the tag removed, but you want to remove the tagged images from your profile, you must select the Hide From Profile option.
Delete Instagram search history
Instagram has many different types of posts and you may not want your friends to know what you have searched for on Instagram. To clear your search history, go to your profile, select the three-point menu at the top right, and then select Settings at the bottom of the menu. Then select the Security option, which will take you to a page with Clear Search History at the bottom. Select this option to get rid of the history of the items you have searched for. Keep in mind that selecting this option will disable Instagram's ability to fill in duplicate search items. So make sure of your decision before choosing.
Check out the latest Instagram posts you've liked
If you want to find a photo you liked in the past, you do not have to spend hours in the daily news or other people's profiles. To find them, simply go to your profile, click on the three dots menu on the top right. Then go to Settings> Account> Posts You’ve Liked. This way you will see a feed consisting of 300 of the last posts you liked that you can browse whenever you want.
 Professional editing of Instagram posts
Many people go to the photo filter section and then upload their photo without any changes. It is interesting to know that Instagram filters are very attractive and apply amazing changes to the photo. You can even greatly enhance your photos with Instagram photo editing capabilities. Its capabilities include brightness, contrast and structure adjustment. To access this editing tool, select the Edit option at the bottom of the page next to the Filter option.


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