Consume less data when using Instagram
Because Instagram automatically downloads photos and videos, it can use your data quickly. To limit the amount of data Instagram uses, go to your profile, drop-down menu in Select the top right, select Settings, tap Cellular Data Use. Then turn on Data Saver mode. You may find that it takes longer to download photos and videos, but the overall usage of your data is significantly reduced.
Set up multiple Instagram accounts
Just like Twitter, you can connect multiple Instagram accounts to one phone without constantly logging in and out. To link a new Instagram account to your app, go to your profile, tap the three-point menu at the top of the page, and select Add Account. Instagram then takes you to a page where you can sign in to an existing account or create a new one.
Made Collage
Instagram has a connected application called Layout, which is also available for Android and iOS, and allows you to create composite images and collages and then upload them to Instagram or other social networks. You can access the Layout through the app itself, or select the collage button when editing images on Instagram and edit your own images.

Once you have access to the Layout, you will have various options and features for it, all of which can be adjusted according to the panel size and the order of the images. You can also mirror the images in reverse and create border lines between your images. Make Instagram posts more attractive
Are you wondering how your friends post their videos in a row? These items are made with the Boomerang app, which is available for both Android and iOS. This program allows you to create short videos in a row that are played regularly and in a row in your friends' feeds. You should definitely know the benefits and interesting points of Boomerang because you can do very interesting things with it on Instagram.
Drop related hashtags
The secret to Instagram's success is in using key hashtags. This allows you to connect with other users, find interesting content, and allow other users to find your posts. You can use a tool like Hashtagify to make your posts more popular. This website will take every keyword you give it and give you the relevant hashtags. For example, using the hashtags #pet, #cute, or #animal will help you get more attention to the image you upload of your hamster.


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