FIFA 22's gameplay: AI promises to FUT 22 Coins be much smarter.FIFA lives and dies by the quality of its AI's decision-making. The added console weight that newer hardware comes with it provides FIFA 22 the ability to MESA-fy its AI players which will allow them to make six times more decision per second, every second.

It could be more AI players in your own team trying to break lines and make frustrating runs for opposing CBs to contend with, AI defenders on your team who are covering those runs as AI attackers begin them and that's just the beginning. The game is more unpredictable and human. game of football. This sounds like it has the potential to change the way FIFA is playing this year.

There's a huge caveat: It's not known if the improved AI is exclusive to the latest version of FIFA 22. If so, PC players won't catch a whiff of it. We're stuck on last-gen parity this year. This is a real shame.Over 10,000 FIFA Mobile players were banned prior to TOTS promo.

EA SPORTS has barred over 10,000 FIFA Mobile players in the period leading up to the most popular promotion of the year: Team of the Season (TOTS). They claim players were caught cheating in AI matches.Team of the Season is being rolled out across FIFA 21, and includes Mobile.

The Community TOTS game promotion in the mobile game is expected to begin on April 29 What? Using the same players as the classic console as well as PC versions however a fair chunk of players will be left out of cheap FIFA 22 Coins the promotion entirely.EA Sports announced on April 28 that they had exiled over 10,000 players due to cheating right before the promotion was supposed to start.