The current generation is also going to MT 2K22 receive a few new badges from the upcoming generation of 2K21. So, be on the lookout for those badges in MyCareer! The 10th of September, the basketball products for the New Year of basketball NBA 2K22 arrived as scheduled. The game of the year NBA 2K22 still uses two versions that are the current version and the future generation that will be able to satisfy players from different platforms.

This version is no longer the focus of NBA 2K22 development, and the newer version that came out in the second season actually has many changes and reforms. Even though the next-generation NBA 2K22 is still not completely perfect in real-time play You can feel this NBA 2K22 is a more robust and complete version as compared to last year's NBA 2K21.

In terms of the gameplay experience, NBA 2K22's character action speed has been significantly enhanced compared to NBA 2K21. The "skating" experience from character modelling in the game isn't evident, but the consistent and fluid movements allow players to experience the feel of a realistic basketball game. The speed increase of the character's movement is a major change in the overall feel of the game at both sides of 2K MT offense and defense.