Anyone stuck in a VC perspective will be great when it comes to auction home items and packs but they'll miss out on some of the best equipment only available by turning in tokens as well as Nba 2k22 Mt. It is important to prioritise these new currencies over VC.

It's tempting to create one team with an identifiable identity. It's fun have a team that's established their whole identity upon shooting 3s. But this fun ends pretty quickly once opponents online realize what's happening, switch their defensive strategies at the touch of a button and finally, make it impossible to score.

Ability to alter the team is your team's best chance of success over time and that's what it takes to be able to manage everything well. Cards that are able to shoot, pass from anywhere and play defense both in and out are extremely valuable even if the OVR isn't the greatest.

Each defense is a weak point that is present in MyTeam and it's all about choosing the correct plays to overcome the weaknesses. The majority of playbooks are not flexible and have a very restricted amount of plays that can be called mt for sale 2k22. These tips have been all about earning money, but is the time to shop.